When to sow seedlings of cabbage

When to sow seedlings of cabbage

Cabbage is considered a hardy plant.

But if you grow her outdoors with bran seeds, it is possible to remain without a crop of young seedlings will not survive spring frosts.

Therefore, experienced gardeners grow cabbage seedling method.

The only exception is cabbage, which is sown directly in the garden.

As the period of maturation it is short (a month and a half), the pekinku begin to sow is already in heat in several stages. The last sowing ends in mid-July.

The peculiarities of planting seedlings of cabbage

The timing of planting the seeds for seedlings depend on the type of cabbage. Similarly, as a place to grow seedlings.

Early varieties are seeded in special facilities cultured, middle and late – in cold nurseries with beds.

But not only grades determine when to sow seedlings of cabbage. Each species also has its own characteristics of planting and the timing of when you need to sow seedlings.

Cabbage are sown in such a way that by the time of transplanting in the open ground took at least 2 months.

Therefore, early varieties are guided by the end of January or early February to plant in the garden in early may.

Average varieties sown seedlings in mid-March and in the open ground carrying you over 1.5 months. Late cabbage are sown about a month after mid-season, and on the beds seedlings are planted in the first week of June.

Cauliflower is more precocious than white. Therefore, the seedling Matures early.

Time of planting seedlings in the garden depends on the weather conditions (you need constant heat). The age of the seedlings is determined in the range of 50-55 days.

Kohlrabi has a shorter growing season. Therefore, for season 1 it is possible to obtain several harvests.

Early planting is carried out in greenhouses in the second decade of March, in the open ground in early may.

To obtain the 2nd crop, the seedlings of cabbage need to sow in the ground in early may.

On the bed is transplanted, will gather the first harvest. If the climate allows to obtain a 3rd crop, seeds are sown in the second half of June, and the seedlings to a permanent place is transferred to the beginning

When to sow seedlings of cabbage


All other types of cabbage, according to the principle of cultivation is similar to that described above. Bran seedlings of red, Savoy and Brussels sprouts are identical to the white.

Broccoli is more characteristic features of cultivation of cauliflower.

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