When planting winter garlic?

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Experienced gardeners know that garlic is planted after mid-September to mid-October.

It all depends on the region and weather conditions. If the autumn is warm and long, with landing not in a hurry.

It is very important that the garlic had sprouted before the frost, but it is well entrenched.

Usually boarding time about a month before the onset of winter cold.

Before you plant garlic, it is advisable to take a few cloves and carefully to see them.

If planting material with signs of mold, rot, unnatural yellow spots, keep in mind, he to landing are not suitable.

In addition, the garlic must be well dried, humid start to grow rapidly. Collect the large seeds.

When planting winter garlic

Planting garlic is better in sandy loam soil. The beds need to prepare about a week. That is, to dig over on depth of a bayonet, to remove all roots and weeds.

Well, if you make on 1.m. 5kg. of humus and 25g. superphosphate. If the soil is dry, be sure to shed.

Planting depth should not be too small, otherwise it will freeze. Usually from the top of the cloves to the surface leave 4-4,5 cm.

To plant garlic pressed recommended, the growth of the roots will slow down, and he will not have time to take root.

It is better to prepare furrows at a distance of 20cm. from each other. Between the plants, leave about 12cm.

Planted flower bed mulch you need height 5cm (sawdust or peat). In the spring the mulch is removed so that the garlic does not Prel.

Summer care is to periodically loosening the soil and destroying weeds. If, after the emergence of flower bed mulch, the number of weeds and irrigation is reduced.

Watering is only necessary during active growth and during the ripening of the minimum.

That planted the garlic gave a good harvest, the time when the shooter they should be removed. Also in summer you can spend the additional forage

When planting winter garlic

slurry, or complex fertilizer.

10-12 days before harvesting the garlic, the soil from the shovel heads. This will allow for better ripening. Dig the bulbs after the 20th of July, at that time, the lower leaves should turn yellow.

Cleaning garlic is better not to delay because it will begin to disintegrate into separate teeth, it will germinate and resulting in poorly kept.

Dried garlic can be stored until spring. You can also keep it in a cold room at temperature +1 — +3 º C. Planting garlic is better in the autumn, because winter ripen better spring.

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