When and how to fertilize the soil

if vnesite dobřív

Good quality crop can be obtained only from fertile soil, for this it must be constantly nourished with the necessary elements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, boron, magnesium, calcium, etc.).

Some gardeners make organic fertilizers, other mineral, and who are widely used and those and others.

When to fertilize

A simple answer to the question «when to fertilize?» impossible.

To fertilize it is necessary to obtain the maximum effect, so they are available to plants and not washed out from the soil and less in touch with her.

There are three periods of feeding:

  • Dopocena – during preparation of soil.
  • Pripomina – during planting or seeding.
  • Poslepechatnaya – growing period for root and foliar feeding of plants.

In autumn during soil preparation, you can make ammonium nitrogen fertilizer (ammonium sulphate, ammophos, urea, etc.).

Nitrate nitrogen moves with water, so mineral water of the group of nitrate, add in advance is not necessary, all of the nitrogen will be washed out.

It also takes into account the type of soil. Ammonium fertilizer acidified the soil, they are better suited to alkaline and slightly acid, and nitrate to take, they should be used on acid soils.

Potassium on heavy soils is fixed, and the lung is washed out. Therefore, in the first case make in autumn to a depth of 20-25cm, and the second in the spring.

Chlorine-containing potassium fertilizer is better to make the fall to the spring of chlorine washed.

When seeding, apply phosphorus (double superphosphate and simple) as local application. It is desirable that between fertilizer and seeds was a small layer of the earth.

Feeding is carried out in combination with moisture, then it is possible to achieve


greater effect. For the first half of the summer season it is good to apply nitrogen-feeding, and the second phosphate and potash.

How to make fertilizer

All truck crops giving the necessary nutrients in different amounts, so to fertilize the soil should be strictly certain rules.

Due to improper use of the consequences can be unpleasant. Abuse may lead to accumulation in foods harmful nitrates, and the lack of trace elements will not give good harvest.

Sold in stores complex mineral mixture and simple. For feeding it is better to use complex fertilizers, which contain several micronutrients.

For pre-seed and seed period, simple, is suitable for certain types of plants.

Before buying, carefully read the instructions for use and follow precise instructions of the manufacturer.

To calculate the required amount of organic fertilizers is not possible, the composition varies.

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