What you need to know for successful cultivation beans vegetable

casola ovocheva

Not beans a vegetable to grow in the same place two seasons in a row, be sure to carry out the rotation.

It is very demanding to the previous crop that is not recommended to place the crops, if this place were growing legumes.

To return to the previous section in this culture can be not earlier than 4 years.

Beans a very bad feeling in acidic soils. For the successful cultivation of this culture the acidity of the soil should be brought to the figure 6 – 7, with liming.

As for the peas to sow her better after cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers or potatoes. After these plants the ground is soft and contains few weeds.

As with all legumes, for feeding beans vegetable, fresh manure should not be entered, only stale 1-2years.

Choosing the site for the cultivation of beans, keep in mind that it must be Sunny and protected from strong winds.

In the autumn join in the preparation of the ground. As the root system of beans lies deep, the soil must be loose and good to pass air, it will stimulate nitrogen-fixing microorganisms.

Why homeland is the land for growing beans vegetable must be paid on 1.m. 14g potash and phosphoric 27G.

In the spring when you re digging deep for the best effect, you can make the same amount of fertilizer.

The seeds should be prepared and protected from diseases. To do this, they should be lowered for 20-25 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate rate of 1G per 1 liter of water.

After this procedure, rinse well in running water and dried. To accelerate germination of vegetable seeds bean should sprout. You can do this in any capacity.

Put on the bottom wrapped in several layers of cheesecloth, then on top add the required amount of planting material and cover with another region of matter.

On top from a teapot pour water at room temperature, so that the entire gauze was wet. Avoid complete drying of matter. In a few days sprouts hatch.

If the ground is sufficiently warmed (10-12 ° C) can be carried out sowing. Growing beans

growing beans

vegetable is on the ridges, 6-8cm between seeds in a row, and 48-50cm between rows. Planting depth directly depends on the soil.

On the loam that is 3 cm on clay – 2 cm, on sandy and sandy -5 cm After planting to speed germination bed can be covered with a film in a few days from the appearance of plants, shelter or rent, or slightly up and leave for some time.

On the land where grown beans, set a Wallpaper on the North side, so as not to block the plant from the sun.

Don’t forget to get rid of weeds and watering. After rains and watering must loosen the soil, you can spend mulching.

You can also 1 times to conduct a fertilizer complex fertilizer. Harvesting can be carried out repeatedly, do not have to stretch for a few days and to prevent over ripeness, otherwise the fruit will become tough.

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