What you need to know about chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa)


Chokeberry refers to rozotsvetnym plants.

It is a perennial shrub with lots of branches.

At the base of the Bush and on the roots produces a lot of shoots, which should be periodically removed to prevent thickening.

Love the smell of the flowers of chokeberry bees and bumblebees.

The most productive fruiting period from her fourth to seventh year after planting.

If damaged by frost or drought do not hurry to dig up the bushes, because Aronia has a good ability to recover and continue to evolve.

The bushes of this plant is not demanding to the soil. However, in hot weather without a good watering fruits may be small, but on the General development of plants is not affected.

Only one obstacle can disturb the growth and fruiting chokeberry is landing in a dark and humid place. She loves bright Sunny locations, undemanding to heat.

The plant has a very powerful and extensive roots, most of which is half a meter deep under the ground. But on the horizon they extend for a distance of two meters.

Branches of chokeberry carry a thirty-degree frosts, but you will be safer if you bend them in late autumn to the ground with slingshots and then periodically Spud snow.

To propagate Aronia can be almost all types of planting material: root suckers, delincee, cuttings, layering and seeds.

The seeds are dried, laying the ground to a depth of four inches tight enough. And when you see the seedlings, they were thinned and released the seedlings at other places. Seedlings chokeberry can be planted both in spring and autumn.

It should be noted that they must be aged at least 2 years, attend at least three shoots up to thirty inches in length and about five major roots to a good 18-20 inches.

For planting chokeberry suggest to dig a hole 50*40 cm, to throw rotted manure (0,5 buckets), compost (one bucket) and superphosphate (100 grams).

All of this should mix well with the ground and fill the hole almost to the top with soil, because of the recessed fit is undesirable.

In normally formed Bush chokeberry must be forty different age branches. Every year, the bushes need to see to remove naked old or frozen appendages.

This will increase fertility and enlarged fruit. Sorry this plant can bring Sawfly which deposits in August their eggs on the leaves of the plant as they eat away the green pulp of leaves, leaving the skeletons instead.

If, upon inspection of chokeberry have you noticed this phenomenon, to spray the bushes with a two-percent solution of Malathion.

Chokeberry can be eaten fresh, make a tincture or add a spice of flavor and beautiful color in Apple or pear homemade wine, fruit drinks.

You can also cook the marmalade has an unusual exquisite taste. It can be dry in the winter or to freeze.

The juice from the berries of chokeberry treats hypertension, atherosclerosis, gastritis, graves disease, anemia. It reduces the cholesterol in the blood, increases blood flow, actively strengthens the capillaries.

When taking the processes of inhibition and excitation come into balance in the human brain, which reduces the possibility of stress.

In the fruits of black ash contains a lot of calcium, molybdenum, copper, boron and other trace elements. In folk medicine they are used as an antiseptic.

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