What type of greenhouse to choose to give

How to choose a greenhouse

For growing seedlings, radishes and early greens in the country it is possible to do no more greenhouses.

If the main goal is to obtain a good harvest of tomatoes and cucumbers, then you need to carefully consider what type of greenhouse to choose.

The dimensions of buildings affect even the varieties grown vegetables.

But first you still need to allocate the area under construction and already proceeding from it to choose other options.

Form greenhouses

 Greenhouse with a gable roof (a house) is ideal for growing tall crops. Besides, you can work in full growth. Usually in these greenhouses the angle of slopes of 25-30°, depending on the height and width of the structure.

Arched greenhouse is more economical than the previous one, if viewed from the financial side, besides the lack of sharp corners makes the process of fixing the polycarbonate. The service life of such buildings is longer. They can be built at a simplified tunnel-type, without doors.

For planar (wall) of the greenhouse requires much less material in the construction, besides they are much easier to equip heated.

The only drawback to this extension is reduced access to natural light and more shade.

Coverage of the greenhouse

The best material for covering greenhouses is considered to be polycarbonate. It is more expensive than glass, but the cost is justified.

Polycarbonate not afraid of any extreme cold (-100°C) or hot sun (+120°C). Material keep warmth even at -10°C outside, in the greenhouse keeps the temperature from 0°C to +5°C.

Have polycarbonate good transparency at 87%, which even after 10 years of operation, declining only 2%.

Glass with cheaper initial cost will be more expensive than polycarbonate, when you consider the replacement of broken sections under the weight of snow, or the result of careless handling.

Glass injury hazardous material. A spring day in a glass greenhouse, the temperature heats up quickly but also cools down quickly, and sudden changes in temperature for many vegetable crops, is highly undesirable.

Ventilation of the greenhouse

Usually gardeners for savings use skvoznikov ventilation, that is air enters through the open door from the end.

But for plants more favorable vortex ventilation through the vents located on the roof.

What type of greenhouse to choose to give

In this case, the hot air flow takes away the excess moisture, so the walls are formed of water condensation and temperature in any location in the greenhouse remains nearly the same.

Before thinking what type of greenhouse to choose, you need to choose the right under her land, it needs to be well lit by sunlight during the day.

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