What to put after the onions?

What to plant with an onion

Experienced gardeners know well such a thing as «rotation».

The ability to plan the beds have little. You need to learn to alternate them grown culture.

This can be one of the conditions of good yield.

When changing plantings in the garden should be taken into account and how suitable the different vegetables in this soil.

And also – how compatible the new «tenant» of the patch and its predecessor. Because in the earth there are traces of his «life».

Especially not desirable to put each other similar types of plants (e.g., beans after beans). Or those who have common enemies-pests or the same disease. If there are no suitable options to land was not empty, it is better to plant the flower bed on the colors.

After many vegetable crops flower bed you can take in the current year. These include onions. The one that is grown on the greens, «releases» bed early, so after him you can manage, something else to grow.

Even after collecting «cybul» fall experienced gardeners manage to plant some crops with the expectation of next year to harvest. But this can not be done, leaving the earth alone until spring.

What is best to take the lump with an onion? There are a lot of options, which is good for truckers. Representatives of any of the family get along good in the onion beds. But the best «followers» among the roots are rutabagas, turnips and radish, root vegetables — potatoes.

Good fruit Solanaceae – tomato, pepper, eggplant. Greens better after Luke put the sorrel, and vegetables dessert rhubarb.

Among the spice plants are most comfortable will feel hell. But parsley and dill is a valid option, but then you should pay attention to the near neighborhood.

Also allowed after the onion plant carrots, cabbage and celery. Relative to other vegetable cultural specific recommendations on planting the onion bed there. But there is no contraindications. So attention will have to paid to soil condition.

That is, the garden bed where once was a bow, usually full of nitrogen and potassium contained in the fertilizer. Therefore, it is desirable to plant the vegetables that prefer a slightly alkaline soil.

But what is unacceptable to plant, so that any representative of the onion and garlic. That is, under these vegetable crops flower bed need to be changed every year. Only this will give you the opportunity to get a good harvest.

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