What to plant after garlic?

What to plant after garlic

Good science agronomy. She tells gardeners how to select the seeds and plant seedlings, how to prepare the soil and break area in the garden, how to water and fertilize crops to combat disease and pests, and how to harvest.

But there is in agriculture, and another important point – rotation. That is, the ability to alternate vegetable crops in the beds, choosing the correct predecessors. And having learned this teaching, do not have to lament the absence of harvest.

Science is not complicated and is based on 2 basic principles. First: it is impossible in the same bed consistently plant culture one-family (umbrella after umbrella, after Solanaceae Solanaceae ). Otherwise it will be very difficult to deal with pests that are from year to year accumulate in the soil in this flower bed.

The second principle is the alternation of «inches» and «roots». But then again, it is necessary to watch what species belong to the plants. For example, carrot is a «root» and dill – «inch.» But they are both representatives of the umbrella. Therefore the followers of each other can not be.

So is the case with garlic. Plant it from year to year in the same bed should not be. Just as it is impossible to plant after garlic and onions. These crops same diseases, and they get bored of the same pests.

But garlic is culture specific. And it is not recommended to plant after potatoes, as there is a risk of Contracting an unpleasant disease called «Fusarium», here’s Bulba after garlic even recommend drop off. But only his early varieties.

Well then grow garlic in the garden many annual grasses. You can put all kinds of beans, cucumbers and sow winter wheat. With proper care should reach a great harvest.

If there are no appropriate beds for growing beets, cabbage and tomatoes, garlic is fine. The main thing that it was well-lit area. Besides farm these crops is often desirable to humidify.

Because before, when this piece of land to grow garlic, the ground was moist enough (such growth conditions Liliaceae).

But, choosing the next crop for planting after garlic, you should pay attention to one more moment of sorts, as winter and spring garlic are created by different conditions of farming. First and foremost, it concerns the use of fertilizers.

Garlic is usually planted in loose, neutral soil, and then it fed. For winter varieties use nitrogen fertilizer, ardent still need potash and phosphate. And this should be considered when planting the next crop.

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