What to plant after carrots?

What to plant after the carrot

Inexperienced gardeners, once scheduling the beds under certain cultures, from year to year, planting the same vegetables in the same land.

And then complain that every sowing season yields are declining.

But it is somehow just and natural: from the monotony of farming the soil is just depleted.

Therefore, the most reasonable from time to time to change «residents» in the garden. And the more often you do it, the better it will be for the earth and for the harvest.

And for some pests this kind of «shock therapy». Accustomed to eat a particular vegetable culture, a new may be they didn’t like.

To make redevelopment of the garden it is necessary too with mind. Even in agriculture there is such a thing as «compatibility». And this must be taken into account.

For instance, carrots grow well after zucchini, cabbage, potatoes and cucumbers. Not the best precursors for the root – all kinds of umbrella.

And after carrot not every vegetable can fit in. And the only one that will fit sandy loam or loam soil, fairly loose and contains large amounts of humus.

Therefore, to put on the bed where used to grow carrots, not recommended related root crops to protect them from disease.

The exception would be for the radish, is a vegetable-Skorospelka. But if the garden bed is located on a well-lit area.

Tuberous of the soil in the carrot bed will fit sweet potato (Yam), if the vegetable will be protected from cold winds. And chufa (earth almond) – this culture is any fertile soil. Although a good harvest can be obtained after planting on a flower bed and conventional potatoes.Of the Solanaceae, the same ruggedness to the soil is characterized by physalis. But at the same time he is demanding to light. Dessert of the vegetable after carrots are best planted artichokes and their relative Cardon. But in the garden you will need to provide good soil drainage.

Not necessarily the carrot bed to «give» it a vegetable culture. The section will produce good strawberries and garden strawberries. So if there is a desire to make the redevelopment of the site – this is the case.

But whatever reconnaissance in the garden nor performed, without adequate care beds (hilling, watering, weeding, combating pests and diseases), a good harvest is not achieved. Every living individual requires attention. And he felt it, is able to generously give.

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