What to feed seedlings

What to feed seedlings

Any seedling, whether it be peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers and various floral crops need feeding.

But not every gardener knows that when you need to feed the seedlings.

To produce healthy high quality seedlings necessary to properly prepare the soil, which is known to all gardeners as a substrate.

It is important to know that high-quality soil should have a complete list of all required elements, have a high throughput of air and absorbs moisture.

The soil is not necessary to buy in a store, it is possible to successfully prepare yourself. And yet a trip to the store is inevitable, because it requires the purchase of appropriate fertilizers.

The most common composition of soil is a mixture of humus, river sand, forest soil (2:1:1).

In the absence of forest land, you can take normal garden soil. An important and rigorous step is the process of freezing or obamania hot water.

After one of these procedures, the soil can be successfully operated for at least 3 years. But fertilization is necessary.

Feed the seedlings a useful ground sheet, but pre-mixed with sawdust or river sand.

Gardeners with years of experience, has achieved good results, feeding young plants chicken droppings, mullein, ash, and nettle infusion.

For the latter, crushed stems, put in a bowl, better than clay or plastic and pour all the water.

The mixture should be shaken daily. This is done in order to build-up inside the oxygen out. To get rid of peculiar smell, add a little Valerian.

After about six months the solution has to brighten, it means that he is ready. But this solution before use must be diluted with water 1:10. Such a dose needed for adult plants and for seedlings add more liquid 1:1.

Feed seedlings is recommended, and fertilizers. For example, phosphorus fertilizer or superphosphate in the amount of 50 grams. in a bucket of water contributes to better plant development, growth and to stimulate the ovaries. If the seedlings growing in the open ground, the dose should be doubled.

During fruit ripening is recommended to apply potassium fertilizer, which is contained in the ash. Potassium contains in pine or birch ash.

Feeding the seedlings with nitrogen fertilizer need to exercise caution, because excessive entry, the soil becomes toxic.

The plant grows very rapidly, but productivity is minimized. In the list of nitrogenous fertilizers

What to feed seedlings

listed calcium, ammonium and potassium nitrate, urea.

It is best to apply a complex fertilizer, which can have two or three elements. For example, in the nitrophoska contains phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium.

The drug is «Agricola» suitable for irrigation and for spraying seedlings. Composed of a set of microelements. 2 liters of water take 5 gr. drug.

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