What to feed rabbits

what to feed rabbits

Food for rabbits is to ensure the normal activity of the body, development and growth, and resistance to diseases.

So to be clear, what you need to feed rabbits.

The main types of feed are:Fresh Green twigs of trees and grass.

Juicy – cabbage, root vegetables.

Rough — dry leaves of trees, a variety of hay, straw.

Concentrated grain legumes and cereals and legumes, bran, etc.

Mineral chalk, common salt, bone meal.

For fattening rabbits can be used two types of feeding: mixed and dry.

In large farms mainly use dry cat food (forage and hay). When caring for several animals, you can add fresh green feed.

A very useful feed in the form of granules or placer, recipes for feeding rabbits. Although you can use other types, excluding feed for birds.

Rabbits are also necessary roughage which AIDS digestion of the body and should make up approximately 55% of the diet.

Very good hay for feeding rabbits from the meadow and small-leaved legumes (alfalfa, dandelion, Timothy, nettle, etc.).

As green fodder is very useful:Alfalfa and dandelion — promotes the formation of milk in lactating rabbits.

Wormwood, mugwort, plantain warn gastric diseases.

Parsley, celery awaken the appetite, improve sexual potency.

Well as additives to give the leaves and branches of trees (poplar, aspen, birch, willow, maple, ash) to improve digestion.

As a succulent feed for rabbits, you can use carrots, rutabaga, Jerusalem artichoke, fodder beet.

what to feed rabbits

Potatoes can be given only cooked, and the leaves not to use.

The tops of some root crops due to its high content of mineral salts and oxalic acid can cause rabbits have loose stools or diarrhea.

Water for drinking should be present in animals, especially if you use dry food for rabbits.

Need them in water depends on live weight, age, physiological state, feed composition and ambient temperature.

Lack of water leads to a decrease in productivity and increased feed consumption per unit gain in live weight.

When dry feeding rabbits should be about 100ml. of water for 1 kg of live weight. In pregnant rabbits up to 1kg, lactating to 2 liters and more, in the hottest period of the rabbit with a small rabbit can drink 2.5 to 3.5 liters of water per day. The water should be clean.

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