What to feed quail to raced well?

What to feed quail

One of the main issues of perepelinogo have something to feed the quail, they raced well and developed.

Quail, you can give them different food, mostly it needs to be fresh, free of mold and various chemical additives.

Dry food in a feeder it is recommended to pour with a small margin.

As for wet food, then the feeder can hold approximately a couple of hours, then clean up.

If it does not comply, then it will turn sour and there is a risk of poisoning birds. In wet food for greater friability should add cereal.

Malleable, much watery and gooey food for quail will clog the bird’s nostrils, beak, and soiling the feathers.

What to feed quail

Adult quail are the best option can be called a food for laying hens to have raced well. Experienced perepelova recommend to use it.

You can feed broiler quail feed, but he’s a little worse. For a month for one quail need about 1 kg of feed.

Also very good to cook homemade food. It consists of crushed oatmeal, barley cereal, rice, broken rice and other cereals. You can add dry-milled white bread and necessary protein, and also vitamins.

As for the protein component, a feed for quail should be about 1/5 of the total diet. This includes egg powder, boiled fish, fish meal, bone, boiled hard-boiled eggs, cheese, milk.

Wonderful vitaminbee additives are mixtures for laying hens. These products can be purchased in specialized stores. With dosage can be found on the packaging.

If there are no vitamins in the pharmacy you can buy multivitamins, for example, «Alphabet». Vitamins crumbled and added to food. To ten birds a day need 1 tablet. It is occasionally necessary to give vitamin D.

Birds should definitely get mineral supplements in the form of eggshell. For this you need to build a small feeder. In addition

What to feed quail

feed quail can river clams, chalk, and gravel, the amount of which is not more than 2-3 mm.

Do not feed quail untreated oats. This can cause disorders in the stomach or worse the death of the bird. It is best to give the red millet.

Birds love apples, grated carrots, sprouted oats, chopped goutweed. But too many fruits and vegetables can be given, otherwise it will negatively affect the oviposition and their sizes.

Energy value of corn has. Due to the maximum number of carbohydrates corn is considered indispensable.

So the chickens were healthy and well-swept need to carefully balance all the components of the feed.

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