What to feed pigs?

What to feed piglets

Growing pigs can be symbolically divided into three periods: suckling, time of weaning and rearing.

In the process each period has its own characteristics of pigs.

Newborn pigs — this period is called lactating and lasts up to four weeks.

Once the piglets are born, they should receive sufficient colostrum after the first day, absorbed in the intestine only the antibodies from the colostrum.

During this period, feeding of piglets the sow, but in addition they should provide clean drinking.

Pigs must consumption of mother’s milk for at least 15 days.

But since the ten days of age, should start prestarter feed. It includes the required volume of nutrients and vitamins.

Also to normalize digestion is allowed to add enzyme supplements.

Monthly from birth of piglets when begins the phase of weaning, you can feed the food the mess.

In its composition needs to be cleaned barley, fish meal, wheat, maize, dry skimmed milk, milk substitutes, and soybean meal, a bit of baking soda, salt.

Such food should feed the pigs for 5-6 days. At this time, will need about 15 kg of the mixture. The young should be taken from pigs when it reaches the weight of about 17 kg

Experienced in livestock during rearing pigs are fed a mixture containing 22-24% protein.

After a while you can feed the pigs a cheaper blend, but not necessarily with the content of nitrogenous substances, about 16%.

Piglets should be fed exactly on time. First fed at least 6 times a day, then reduce to 2-3 times.

If space allows, then the main part of the fodder can be grown in the garden. This can be alfalfa, pumpkin, beets, carrots, peas, sainfoin, nettle, but it before feeding, it should be scalded with boiling water.

You also need to remember that pigs need to drink more than adults. Even othemise need every day at about 4 liters not necessarily cold

what to feed piglets

water. It needs to be changed during the day.

Pigs should be allowed to eat often, but little by little, the main thing is to adhere to the schedule.

The young are very quickly getting used to it and will not eat more than.

The amount of feed should be such that the pig ate him at one meal.

If there are leftovers, they should be discarded. When feeding young, the main task is to teach the piglets to eat more juicy and roughage.

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