What to feed ducks in the household?

What to feed ducks

Many have heard about the voracity of these birds and before you start breeding them, asking what to feed ducks?

The basic food should be vegetables, grass, succulent grass.

It is also important to give feed grains, because in them there is a huge amount of carbohydrates.

With an emphasis on grass feeding, there is no doubt that the duck will quickly gain weight.

What to feed ducks

In the diet of ducks should be present protein, or the protein, because it provides the body with life.

If the ducks provided the paddock is on the loose they can eat worms, larvae, bugs, in General, the animals where it is present in large quantities of protein.

Carbohydrates also play a minor role, because they are a source of energy. The carbs in oats, wheat, beets, potatoes.

The lack of carbohydrates can be seen in addition, the behavior of a duck. It becomes lethargic and loses weight. But if an excess of carbohydrates, the bird will zhirnet.

Fats. This element is very important for feeding the ducks in the winter, but if a lot, then it accumulates under the skin, and on all the internals. And this, in turn, adversely impact on the health status of ducks.

Mineral supplements. It could be calcium, phosphorus. In particular if there is not enough calcium then the duck stops to lay eggs. Or even worse the lack of calcium could contribute to violations of the bone structure.

Vitamins. They are responsible for the body’s resistance to disease. Vitamins are mainly found in the lush green grass. You can also give dairy products or fish oil.

What else to feed the ducks

Ducks love duckweed, so it would be great if the ducks were given water body. Feeding the ducks is directly connected with the source product. For egg production assigned to one option, for meat products are quite different.

In the feed must be cereal-grain products. In particular, the grain is very well absorbed by the body of the duck.

The wheat used is only that which is not suitable for people. Yes, and this is wheat much cheaper.

Barley is suitable for both adults and young ducklings. It should be about 30% of the total diet. If the ducklings are very young, the barley it is better to grind. It is also very useful barley to germinate, or before feeding of ducks to kill.

Oats in the diet should be no more than 20%, since it contains considerable amount of fat. Corn, apparently, occupies a leading position.

What to feed ducks

And all thanks to the fact that fiber is a quite small, only about 2.5%. In General, the diet of maize must be about 50%.

As regards green fodder, to feed the ducks can clover, sedge, nettle, dandelion. But the nettle must be pre-scalded with boiling water.

The grass is better to give a mash, but you can just throw together in a squad. All the ducks are eaten with great pleasure.

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