What to do to hens raced well in the winter

to hens raced well

What happens is that at some period, especially winter, hens ‘ productivity falls, i.e. the number of eggs is reduced.

This problem is usually found at beginning of poultry that only the first year was organized at his summer cottage farming, or brought chickens for themselves.

Professionals know what to do to hens raced well. Performance is affected by many factors: lighting, feeding, etc., and knowing the physiological characteristics of birds can significantly increase the number of eggs.

To hens raced well

Naturally, that from spring to late summer, turned out well, so in this period, the price of an egg is the lowest, and from autumn to spring, egg-laying is reduced, and in some cases stops completely. During this period, the price of products is growing.

In winter, the grower could get from chickens regularly and in the right amount of egg, it needs to solve the main problems.

To hens raced well, they need long daylight at least 15 hours a day and quality feed approximately 130g. a bird a day. If one of these problems can not be solved, a positive result will not have to wait.

Known cases where the poultry was one of the tasks, and despair. Ensuring the necessary lighting, the money spent on high-quality feed in vain, chickens good laying steel.

Waiting to get at least 50% of the egg production in the winter, sought a maximum of 35%. At the time, while ensuring good lighting, you can get 60-65%. Water in the drinkers should be plenty and it should not freeze.

It is not necessary that the lighting in the coop was too bright, enough power 60W, if only a bird could easily find water and food. To save energy, you can observe the behavior of chickens, while reducing or adding power incandescent lamps.

Also to hens raced well, it is necessary to monitor the temperature

to hens raced well

the air in the hen house, she must not fall below -5°C. the Litter from the chickens must be dry, need to change the straw often.

In the room where the bird should not be drafts. To prevent frostbite, scallops should be lubricated with vaseline.

In order to make the bird move more, but it also affects egg production, you can hang a cabbage on a small height that the chickens had to jump for his treat.

Solving these simple tasks, you will be able to ensure that hens raced well in the winter.

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