What power saw to buy for summer?

What kind of saw to buy for summer?

In any household can not do without the tool, especially saws.

Without her help it is impossible to imagine the construction or firewood for the winter, work in the garden.

Choosing dust, the question becomes: «What kind of saw to buy?«.

Types of power saws and their characteristics

Today’s market offers a range of saws:

  • — power saw (chain disk);
  • — jigsaw;
  • — reciprocating saw.

 Consider the advantages and disadvantages of electric saws.

The advantages of the electric saw:

  • — ability to work in a limited closed space;
  • — does not require mixing for work;
  • — gives the ability to make accurate incisions;
  • — clean tool (no toxic emissions).


The shortcomings of the systems:

  • — do not always have access to the power grid;
  • — a short wire, so, it will be necessary to buy extra extension;
  • — fast cycle times in a few seconds, then let it cool down;
  • — the inability to work in wet weather.

If you need a saw for your small area, for small domestic purposes, electric saw for domestic use. In this case, you need to pay attention to its capacity, it needs to be from 1500 to 2200 watts.

The more powerful the engine, the more load can withstand a saw. The optimum bar length is 30-40 cm, the longer, the heavier the tool.

Another important point is the position of the engine, it is advisable to buy a power saw with longitudinal location as such saw more ergonomic. An important parameter is the availability of fuse against overheating, in which case the saw will last longer.

If the economy need a more powerful saw, and its use is planned far away from electrical networks, your choice chainsaw.

Optimal power chain saws varies from 2500 to 4000 watts, than it’s more powerful, the harder it is. The second important parameter is the damping of the return blow.

When a blade is in contact with the surface, it knocks back and to minimize this impact in the saws use different defense mechanisms. It may be an inertia brake or a protective shield.

Buy a better saw with inertia brake system, which makes it so that upon contact of the saw with the surface of the saw stops.

It is also important that the saw was equipped with anti-vibration mechanism, as it will have to hold for a long time, and if it would vibrate badly, it will affect the joints of the hands.

But it may happen that for the given task, nor saw or chainsaw will not do. For example, if you want to make curly or curved cut or sawn laminate, ceramic surface.

In this case you will need a jigsaw. It is better to choose this kind of jigsaw, which has a system of reciprocating motion of the spindle, as it is faster to cut, and its share of blades will be much longer.

The optimal frequency of movements of the jigsaw is 500-300 stroke/min, depth of cut 6 mm. as for the spraying angle, the optimal value is 45º.

For hard to reach places it is best to use a reciprocating saw. This kind of power saws that

What saw to buy

are also widely used.

Their optimal capacity 1000-1600 watts. The frequency of movements of the saw for domestic purposes – not more than 2,600 stroke/min

It is desirable that a system for quick replacement of blade. Also a great addition is the system of regulating the depth of cut.

In any case, whatever instrument you may have bought, its gentle operation is the most important parameter for longevity and reliable performance.

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