What is NPK ? — complex fertilizer for plants

Complex NPK fertilizers

It’s an acronym that indicates the content of the important nutrient elements for plants in percentage.

N – nitrogen;P – phosphorus;K – potassium.

For example, NPK 17:17:17, means that the fertilizer contains 17 percent nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

So how many plants need different food, the main items in the various fertilizer mixtures are represented in the right proportion for certain plant species.

When feeding plants it is important to consider that the soil of a suburban vegetable garden already contains everything you need for development and crop growth micro — and macro — elements.

But a certain number of them annually and will not be filled . Our goal with the help of mineral and organic fertilizers to make up for missing nutrients, but remember that everything should be in moderation.

If the soil feels a lack of nitrogen, it does not matter how much we make of potassium, phosphorus and other macro — and micronutrients, productivity will not increase, but rather can fall.

To determine precisely which nutrients are not enough plants in two ways. To analyze the soil content of elements or try to identify by appearance of plants, what they lack.

To use the first method outside the laboratory environment is almost impossible, but the experienced gardener can accurately say that the culture needs and what kind of fertilizer plants using the second method.

In the article «Regular fertilizing of plants» you can learn more how external features of plants to identify what elements of power is not enough for them.

Nitrogen fertilizers need to make spring to avoid many losses. Fertilizing with nitrogen in mid-summer, reduce cold resistance of plants and will lead to a protracted growth.

Phosphorus fertilizer is better to make autumn under perekopku, as this element is not washed away and does not evaporate.

When digging the phosphorus stirred and evenly disperse around the area. For some plants more efficient introduction of phosphorus locally, adding it to the hole before planting.

Potash is also better to make in the autumn when digging, because most of them contain chlorine, and it is extremely undesirable for plants.

On the other hand, chlorine is very mobile element so chlorine-containing potassium fertilizers in light soils can be made several days before planting. During this time he has time to be flushed deep into the soil.

In conclusion it can be concluded that the impact acronym NPK complex fertilizers, which contain

What is NPK ? - complex fertilizer for plants

several nutrients and is presented in an easily digestible form.

The application of NPK fertilizers significantly simplifies the issue of balancing elements in the soil and increases the yield.

To simplify the calculations, NPK, there are calculators that you can find on the Internet.

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