What flowers can you plant in the shade garden

What flowers to plant in the shade

Traditionally, the owners of summer cottages or houses in the private sector pay more attention to perennial fruit trees and shrubs.

Often, when construction of the cottage leave conifers that give a unique and healthy flavor.

However, the shading area want to see but trees and flowers.

Most lush flowering plants like good sunlight and airy soil, but there are varieties of perennials that prefer to live in the shadows.

What flowers to plant in the shade

In order to properly break the flower garden on the shaded area of the garden, you need to determine how thick a shadow in the place where will be planted the flowers. In addition, an important factor for good growth and flowering of plants is the moisture content of the soil.

If the area is a strong shading due to the old thick trees or the location of the flower garden on the North side of the garden, as ornamental plantings you can consider the following options:

  • — elecampane magnificent;
  • — most forms of Copen;
  • — with arisaema;
  • — Turku serdtselistny;
  • — European wild ginger (provides decorative interesting shape of the leaves).


With increased soil moisture in combination with the thick shadow, quite simply accustomed to such flora as:

  • — geranium (some species);
  • — Volzhanka;
  • host;
  • — astilbe;
  • — hellebore;
  • — Primula;
  • — black cohosh.

An interesting solution may be to fit members of the family fern, which looks noble and elegant:

  • — straunik (tall, thin and juicy sheets);
  • — male fern;
  • — chistos majestic (with spreading branches and bright green).

On the plot with solid shade, such as under the walnut, barberry or mountain ash, where the sun’s light appears for a short period of time, will be good to bloom:

  • — day-Lily;
  • — lungwort;
  • — Woodruff;
  • — Lupin.

Unpretentious representatives of medicinal plants of comfort will be to live in such a shadow, for example:

  • Melissa;
  • — peppermint.

If the part of the garden designed for the flower garden, illuminated by the sun in the morning and evening, the choice of ornamental plants is almost unlimited. On this soil would be happy to live and please the eye with their color, some species of peonies:

  • peony Wittmann;
  • Caucasian peony;
  • peony Maryin Koren.

Most importantly, pay attention to soil moisture in a shaded spot of the garden, to house the flower garden.

Most shade-loving

What flowers can you plant in the shade garden

plants prefer moist soil. On sandy and sandy loam soil you can plant some types of flowers:

  • — violets;
  • — Vinca minor;
  • — Lily of the valley;
  • — Bush;
  • — Ajuga repens.

If your garden plot is on the shady side, or planted with spreading trees, this is not a reason to abandon garden decoration, decorative plants.

It is important to assess the conditions of cultivation of flowers and choose those instances that thrive in the shade.

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