What colors you can decorate your country site

decoration garden flowers

Flowers is an amazing creation of nature that is astonishing a variety of colors and sometimes surprising forms.

These plants are a great tool for decorating rooms and gardens.

Using colors you can create a unique image of your site.

The only thing you have to consider that the choice of colors for effective planting shall be consistent with the properties of plants, longer flowering.Of course, the easiest way out is to seek the assistance of professionals who have a landscaping business, but if no time or want to learn to create beauty with their hands, for starters, you can use flowers that are hardy and do not require constant care.

Create in the country a small flower bed, only pay attention to the overall look of your garden to bed fit into it harmoniously in line with the style.

Emphasize the most important accents of your home flower beds, for example, put the front door in the house or in the same place in the garden where you used to rest.

Pick a few plants, usually no more than three types that will create the overall tone of your garden, this is what will set accents.

Determine the location of planting, it may be separate areas or mass planting. Planted in the flower garden plants with decorative foliage, such as Hosta, tulips, bluebells, daffodils, saxifrage, peony that will beautify the flower beds in between flowering.

Please note need color, as long as planted the flowers were with the same watering requirements in the sunlight. Because if we neglect such a condition stronger colors can ruin more whimsical flowers.

To create the effect of continuous flowering, it is recommended to plant pyrethrum, eryngium and Lily, if the bed set in the shade of a well-planted hosts and astilba.

Colourful and bright, eye-catching flowerbeds are definitely beautiful. But the flower beds with one color or with different transitions range not less pleasing to the eye.

Very popular pink and purple shades of Phlox, and rudbeckia mnogokolesny. Very interesting and beneficial to look to the so-called flowerbeds chameleon who will bloom in a certain period of time in different colors.

For example, if you plant along agrostemma and coreopsis, first paint the bed in pink agrostemma, until the end of the summer the bed will be painted in gold color coreopsis.

Deciding to create in his garden a beautiful flower beds there is no need to place many different plants, quite a few types, the main thing to take into account their properties, the timing of irrigation, flowering period, color and skillfully-calculated everything, you can create a hard infield and a real work of art.

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