What colors to decorate the cottage?

flowers for decoration garden

Sometimes, passing by someone completely unknown before the house, we can just fall in love with the garden.

Thus, it is not necessary to see in it some quite exotic or rare plants not needed and majestic trees, the beauty may lie in the usual harmony and perfection.

In short – there is absolutely nothing more! And how to create a small «island of happiness» for yourself?

Definitely the most appropriate, or even say the ideal option is a free piece of land, but this, most likely, not expected, since many already have plots with small houses or sheds.

Well, and, of course, there is already something planted! So what You have already, as people say, «dance from the stove»!

Variants of development of events» quite a lot – You can add some new flavor to the existing old garden.

This, of course, will need to remove all dead branches and do alkalai tree trunks.

As for the latter, You will have to decide whether you want to perform this manipulation, because the growers had different opinions – some think that we just need to commit such acts, others insist that obalka leads to winterkill of plants.

The bushes…. Without them in the beautiful garden, probably not enough. Remarkable bright decoration of any area are climbing roses, with which you can create incredible compositions.

They can decorate arches, fences or even walls. In General, it is possible to rely on your imagination!

To allocate a small portion of need under a range of different colors to choose you need to «climate,» taking into account the composition of the soil.

Those who can boast of rich compositions, don’t worry about anything, because their parts will survive anything – just give proper care!

As for the less successful variants, that is, the poor of the land, here the most appropriate solution may be Siberian iris planting and care of this culture produced even in such little favourable conditions.

In addition, these flowers will delight You with its bright color even in relatively cool regions, and it is a significant plus.

When it comes to the garden to talk about the almost infinite, since the idea of beauty of each individual.

It is important not to overdo it and the only way you can achieve the most harmony, which is, in fact, the ultimate goal!

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