What can you plant in August in the garden

what to plant in August in the garden

August is a fruitful month for gardeners, and though the summer is already on the decline, the garden gives generous fruit.

It’s time to harvest the vegetables for the winter. But in addition to the beds enough.

Is not only the harvesting of crops – there is still the possibility that some of the vegetables have time to grow until frost or close a number of beds until spring.

What to plant in August

In early August, some beds already liberated from the early vegetables, and farmers have additional area that can be more time to operate, making re rotation.

  • At the beginning of the month you can sow fennel on the greens. Even if the whole spice will not be used until frost, fennel can be left in the garden – it is resistant to winter in the open ground.
  • In early August sown into the ground of the salad leaves will have time to Mature before the first frost. And when the socket is well formed, the bushes can be pulled out of the beds.
  • In August sown watercress. This Culture is suitable for food on the 15 th day after the appearance of its shoots. So by late autumn truckers have on the tables are fresh vitamins.
  • Cabbage can be sown in several dates, and August is the last month, when it can be done. In autumn cut off the leafy top of the stalk, cover with earth and multiroute – in the early spring will receive a harvest of cabbage for the salad.
  • Quite precocious vegetable mustard leaf. From sowing to harvest is not more than 2 decades. Therefore, to cultivate this plant in a few visits throughout August.
  • Few people know this culture as Swiss chard (also called leaf beet). In August the plant for food in the winter. If you leave the roots in the winter in the ground, it will not adrevenue and quite suitable for eating.

Now you know that you can plant in August for the vacant beds. In addition to the crops grown in their own food, in a given month should take care of green top dressing for garden beds.

Sideration of the garden in August

Every cottager knows that the soil in the beds after harvesting the main crop needs additional nitrogen. It is necessary for the improvement of soil structure.

Someone with this goal applies mineral fertilizers in the ground, but some gardeners prefer biological bait.

As green manure in August on available beds to plant legumes. They are in the autumn it will give a great green mass.

In the roots there is a sufficient amount of nitrogen, it is necessary to wait for flowering of bean. And only after that the ground in the garden dug up, closing up the green manure to a depth of 15 cm Pererabotchiki over the winter, the greenery would give his strength to the soil, preparing it for spring sowing.



what to plant in August, mustard

Determine the work and knowing that you can plant in August in the vegetable garden in the beds, gardeners will harvest. To the frost on their tables are fresh vegetables rich in vitamins.

And lured by the nitrogen the soil will become more fertile, and it is not difficult to treat his master with delicious vegetables with a few rotations.

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