What can be planted in the shade in the country

what to plant in the shade

If your country country site there is a shadow, do not worry in such conditions it is possible to create a scenic composition from shade-tolerant plants.

After all, if we understand the shadow, too, is different: thick, light, partial shade.

But even in the darkest corner of the garden, you can plant plants that will feel more or less comfortable in the shadows at the cottage.

What to plant in the shade

For dense shade will suit fern plants – straunik, Dryopteris, cistos. They will feel under dense plantations of fruit and coniferous trees, even on the North side.

Some believe that the ferns are all the same, it’s not as if you look closely, the individuality of each species will become apparent.

Pick up any of fern, given that some will bloom in spring and others in summer. And a list of agree not a little: blossoming spring – moroznika, lysichiton, symplocarpus, Corydalis, with arisaema, jubanka and so on; in summer Solomon’s seal, periwinkle, Volzhanka, Tarka, nard and others.

In a light shade you can plant the sweet Woodruff, Lily of the valley, Potocnik. Bright shadow is the area under the trees with loose, openwork crown, such as birch, mountain ash, viburnum.

A lot of trees that create a light shadow, have a superficial root system. Digging the soil around tree trunks is extremely undesirable.

Besides, if planted in the shade of the trees, moisture-loving plants, or anything good will come. The trees will take away all the moisture and nutrients.

That is why the above plants are suitable for light shade, they are not demanding, drought resistant and is able to create a solid beautiful cover around the trunks of trees.

Penumbra are the parts of the garden, on which the shadow is only in the evening and morning hours. Such places are suitable for a large number of perennial garden plants. These include: goldenrod, telekia, journal, Lily, loosestrife, and many others.

But, despite the fact that to choose plants to plant in the shade is not too difficult problem in such territories still exist.

what can you plant in the shade

The first of which is soil compaction, and the second is the fact that most of the nutrients collect the trees.

To shade-loving and shade-tolerant plants grow well it is important to make regular feeding.

Gardeners who love the exotic, you can pick up unusual plants to plant in the shade.

Create an exotic garden in a shaded area will help: kirkazon Manchu and large, lysichiton, with arisaema, Arum.

These plants were created to enjoy, and in combination with lilies and ferns they can decorate any shady flower beds.

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