What better to do the attic or the attic – a decision to give

make an attic or loft

Almost every country house there is free space between the roof and ceiling.

But most of all, is it?

The room, littered with old clothes and junk, broken furniture.

And its usually called «the attic», and what is associated with the word?

Of course, dusty and dirty warehouse of stuff that no one rises. Agree, not a very pleasant Association?

But if this same room called «the attic»? It is quite another thing! Your imagination draws a cozy room, maybe a bedroom? Or baby? Or the Cabinet?

If Your country house attic, it can be converted in the loft for any purpose. Start it with selecting suitable steps. It must be sustainable, with flat steps and handrails.

Then ensure the light entering the room through Windows installation. It is useful to carry out heating if the attic is designed for use in the winter.

What to do in the attic

Children’s, arranged in it, will be very different from the normal infant. Your imagination will not be limited to what is — you will be able to easily create individual fabulous world for their children.

For girls – fairy castle, where she will be a Princess for a boy – the pirate ship. With a modern decor any your idea can become a reality.

The Cabinet is a great option for creative, and loving people privacy. Quiet and secluded space conducive to productive work that contributes to the inspiration.

Bedroom. It is impossible to come up with something more romantic bedroom, set up in the attic. Night through the window you can see the stars, the morning – dawn. This room will be a Paradise for lovers, and the fresh air provide a healthy sleeping.

Morning touch of the sun’s ray to the cheek give a good health and mood.

The loft will completely depend on your taste, but designers recommend to stick to the «rural» style, or at least bring to the interior, its detail: the lace curtains, tablecloths, pillows, mats, and masonry, wooden ornaments.

Prefer lightweight fabrics (organza, silk). In coloration of textiles — floral, striped or plaid, pastel tones.

Special furniture for attic (with sloping top) now can be ordered in any furniture firm.

Whatever the decor and purpose of the loft you choose, it will be such a place in your home where every family member can relax in solitude and peace.

In the attic everything listed above to implement is not possible.

If You are engaged only in the arrangement of our beloved country and build a house, decide in advance that it is better to make an attic or loft.

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