What Apple varieties are best grown on the dacha

Apple varieties white filling

We all want on our part of the crop was round summer.

This can be achieved if you plant all the plants based on their maturity.

I always planted early, mid and late varieties of all crops, with the expectation of a permanent yield.

First, there is always something to eat. And secondly, there is no Park with the processing of the crop. I suggest you do the same.

To do this, consider planting Apple trees of different maturity proposed in this article.

Summer classes include: «White filling«is the most common variety in our country.

It is quite hardy and begins to bear fruit in late June to mid July depending on the climate. Seedlings bear fruit already by 4-5 year after planting.

A young tree quickly grows and then growth slows, and adult trees are of average size. Apples ripen very heap, and sizes are often dependent on moisture, soil quality and tree age.

Under favorable conditions the fruits can be up to 10 — 16 cm in diameter.

«Robin» or «pouring Pink» after ripening «ripening«. The tree is usually very tall and powerful with a sturdy trunk. Fruit

Apple varieties - Malinovka

after 4 years after planting.

The variety is quite winter-hardy and the fruit reaches 12 inches in diameter. These apples are more juicy than «White filling» with a slight acidity. Skin color is a beautiful crimson color, therefore its second name was «Robin«.

Fruits stored in a cool place from late June to early July until October.

Following these Apple varieties begin to ripen «Belarusian summer«. Its tree is vigorous, very resistant to frost and scab.

The fruit is quite large, delicious with a beautiful striped pattern. Ripening from late July to late August.

Since mid-August, the ripeness of the fruit comes from several varieties of Apple trees. To these varieties is the and ancient Russian sort «Medunicy«.

The fruits though small compared to others, but sweet as honey and very fragrant. Variety also applies to winter-hardy and resistant to scab.

Autumn varieties are good to have in the area,»Strebel«, which begins to bear fruit in late August – September, fruiting comes on the 7th or 8th year after planting and quietly tolerate the winter cold.

His trees of large size, the branches are straight and thick, and the fruits are large and yellow – pink. Flesh not very juicy, but always sweet.

Matures in autumn, and «Putinka» – Belarusian varieties of Apple trees, very juicy, with green and yellow fruit. The size of the fruit varies from medium to large.

All the apples of this variety ripen in September – October and have a good shelf life (almost two months).

Begins to bear fruit in its seventh year and has a tendency to periodic fruiting.

Special attention is paid to such a tasty variety, as «Glory«. The tree is medium-high, with a spreading crown, frost and almost does not suffer from scab.

The apples are large, green – yellow — crimson color with white juicy flesh and sour – sweet taste. Can be stored almost until spring. Very abundant harvests.

Finally, the winter varieties. These include «Antonivka«, with a huge supply of vitamins. Begins to bear fruit in the eighth year, first grows very slowly, and then quickly catching up in growth.

Antonovka fruits are large and juicy. The fruits ripen in late September to mid-October. Apples can be in the store too, until spring.

«Granny» — a hardy cultivar with fruit of medium size, slightly flattened in the middle. During the removal the fruits are green.

And in the process of ripening yellow with a blush. The middle they are white, sweet, juicy, with a pleasant aroma.

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