Ways to grow cumin

cultivation of cumin

Caraway is a biennial plant with hard-pinnate leaves.

Its inflorescence is a cyme of sixteen rays.

Caraway is grown almost all over the world and is used since ancient times.

In the culinary dishes and the bread is usually placed the fruits of this plant. In fish dishes prepared with grouper and cod, sausage, lamb and borscht cumin added to taste.

Sometimes with caraway cheese, sour milk and hard cheeses. Cumin has become a mandatory component in the salting of cabbage, tomatoes and cucumbers for the winter.

Caraway seed cake is fed to cattle, and caraway straw is a favorite delicacy for goats and sheep. If you add feed the cows constantly cumin in any form, then milk production will increase significantly.

This spice has long been considered in traditional medicine as a good remedy for stomach disorders and colic.

It increases the amount of milk in the Breasts of nursing mothers and also helps to relieve asthma attacks of different origin.

Cumin cures the cough and strengthens the child’s body, if you constantly add decoction of the plant in the tub while bathing.

The flowers of the cumin is very fragrant and this scent draws bees. Therefore, these plants, like mint, beekeepers RUB the hive often traps to lure new ROI.

The fruits of this spices contain a lot of protein and essential oils. The composition of these oils depends on the place where the plant grew and matured. Caraway oil is very fatty and contains fat up to twenty per cent.

Cultivation of cumin makes it undemanding to heat. Eight degrees Celsius is usually sufficient for germination, which is absolutely do not suffer from spring frosts.

The thyme requires a well-lit landing areas and standing water. Seeds are usually sown in early spring, and mass germination occurs within two to three weeks.

First, the plant produces a rosette, but in growth it starts only in the second year in the last days of April. Cumin usually blooms in June.

Currently, the height of the stem becomes about one meter. The following

cumin seeds

month seeds ripen gradually, and by early August, fruiting ends.

Therefore, the collection of seeds should be done constantly, looking through each plant separately so that the cumin does not crumble.

But the shedding of the fruits you should not be upset, because this plant is propagated, and without you – by self-seeding.

After cutting or mowing, plants while stored on the site in the sheaves, the sheaves and then threshed and dried up cumin to dvenadtsatiperstnoi humidity in a ventilated place.

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