Watermelons in the winter — recipes

Cavani for the winter

Who have not dabbled in the juicy sweet berries with melons?

But to eat this delicacy can only in certain seasons to keep a fresh watermelon will be possible only by mid-winter.

But salty berries will be an excellent addition to the Christmas table.

Children will be please with candied peels. And it’s nice to host a tea party under water-melon honey.

Salting watermelons in the winter

Salting watermelons should be addressed to «rise» in the fall, closer to cold. So they are not perekinut and will remain until spring.

In conservation are all sorts of berries (thin and tolstokorov). Importantly, the watermelons in winter was moderately Mature, no dents, cracks and other defects.

It is not recommended to take fairly large instances (the exception is a recipe for «sand»). As containers you can use glass jars, and wooden (clay) kegs.

Methods of salting watermelon for the winter people invented many.

  • Watermelons in brine. The fruits are pierced in several places with a wooden knitting needle, stacked in a barrel and sealed the lid with tongue and groove joint hole. Through him fill the tank with brine (10 liters of water, 800 g of salt). Stand the watermelon up to 3 days at room temperature, it is necessary to refill the brine under the top, seal the hole and make a barrel in the cellar.


  • Watermelons in the winter in the cabbage. In this embodiment, the alternated fruits with coleslaw (lightly salted). The watermelons should not touch neither each other nor the walls of the container. Voids between them are filled with cabbage. It is hiding and the top layer of the fruit.
  • Watermelons in his own flesh. In this recipe whole berries are on duty with purified edible pieces of pulp, interspersed with layers of salt.
  • Watermelons in the winter in the sand. This method of salting is acceptable for storage of watermelon almost to the end of may. For a layer of fruit does the river sand, fine-grained, which will need to be thoroughly rinsed. Once the top layer of sand is to be laid, the barrel is filled with brine, which must be periodically refilled.
  • Watermelons to apples. Between melon berries and garden fruits voids are filled with sand. But each layer serves a rye straw, scalded, and add currant leaves or cherry. The brine is poured gradually as filling the barrel.

 Additional tipsfor pickling watermelon in winter, you must adhere to certain rules, in order to preserve the product in good quality.

Cavani for the winter

  • In recipes with cabbage and watermelon pulp floor of the pyramid put a clean gauze (or cloth), and then set oppression. Sure that they were always in brine.
  • Sand, which is used in pickling, starts to settle to the bottom. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly pour, pouring on top of the brine. Otherwise, the watermelon sour.
  • Pickled watermelon in the winter you need to use before the arrival of spring and the warmth they quickly disappear (except for those that remain in the sand).


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