Watering the lawn — care rules

watering the lawn

Watering the lawn is a prerequisite for maintaining it in proper quality.

Of course, the amount of natural precipitation may be sufficient for hydration of the lawn, but no one is immune from dry seasons or long periods.

In this case, the issue of the need for irrigation are becoming essential to maintain a healthy lawn.

The method of watering the lawn and the degree of intensity should vary depending on the stages of its development.

From the time of sowing and before emergence of the first shoots the irrigation procedure should be carried out 2 times a day, morning and evening.

Due to evaporation of moisture, the soil is not protected, and the seeds are dry, or they may blow off in the wind.

Also, plants need to be watered after every haircut, enhanced growth and weeding. Mature, well-developed lawn should be cautioned against the heavy and frequent watering as this can lead to rotting of the grass. Before watering the lawn should be inspected and cleaned.

For proper irrigation it is advisable to observe some rules. The depth of soil moisture should not be superficial, and deep about 15cm, otherwise the root system will develop surfactant, which reduces the stability of the lawn as a whole will be conditions for the emergence of weeds.

Watering is best done in the evening so the plants do not get burned. Hydration should occur evenly and slowly, to form a groove, and prevent soil washing away.

In General, the method of irrigation can be surface and subsurface. Surface watering of the lawn can be carried out using watering cans, and large areas of unattended installations.

It can be used to achieve good soil moisture. Although soil is a higher quality.

In this case the grass gets burned faster water penetrates to the roots, and significantly reduced its consumption.

Especially with the help of drip irrigation, success can be achieved in areas with difficult terrain with severe water penetration.

For the correct definition of norms and terms of irrigation, it is necessary to have information about many factors, this type of soil, the biological characteristics of plant species included in the composition, and topography, etc.

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