Watering indoor plants (flowers)

watering houseplants

Watering indoor plants is essential for the development and flowering of flowers.

Observance of temperature, light and water regimes, these are the basic rules that must be followed by all the gardeners.

Learn how to determine the need for each instance in the water – a priority of every novice grower.

The soil in the pots must be maintained in a moderately moist condition. You should avoid abrupt changes from excessive irrigation to dry land. Many kinds of colors thus can lose the buds.

Also the lack of moisture a little young roots, which are especially close to the walls of the pot, wither, and the plant begins to suffer, the development is delayed.

If watering houseplants carry out often so that the soil is not yet dry, and the air could not penetrate, will have the opposite effect, the earth will sour, and the root system of the flowers will rot.

It is important to conduct watering only when the supply of moisture will be minimal. So most of the decorative flowers, must be watered when the top layer of soil will dry up and brighten.

A clear watering schedule for all plants does not exist. The periodicity is influenced by many parameters: ambient temperature, humidity, pot size, soil composition, age of flower etc.


Novice growers are encouraged to carefully loosen the ground and determine the depth of the dry layer. If the soil is dry more than 1cm, it’s time to water the flowers.

About soil moisture can be judged in many ways. For example, the walls of the pot with moist soil when tapping with your fingers make a hollow sound if the ground is dry, sound is ringing.

Wet soil is heavier than dry, so many growers determine the need for watering houseplants by weight of the packaging.

The lack of moisture, the leaves become limp, the earth cracks and it is lagging behind the walls of the pot. During the rest period, plants need less water.

In winter some types of decorative plants that shed their leaves. Such instances, water is necessary very rarely, the main thing is not to allow complete drying of the soil.

Water the plants to defend water at room temperature, in a period of growth and abundant bloom, the water temperature should be 1°-2°C warmer than the environment.

It is impossible for irrigation to use cool boiled water. Carefully fill the pan pot and wait until all water is absorbed, then test the soil, if the surface is dry, fill the pan again.

Water the plants from above should be very careful not to fill the root neck and in the evening only, when there is no direct sunlight.

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