Watche — care at home


Watche several varieties of palm trees grown in ambient conditions from the tropics.

Externally they are characterized by high (up to 5 m) and a thin trunk.

The most popular form – «Watche of Marilla» – notable for the long, feathery greyish green leaves with ragged ends.

In General, the plant is undemanding, but does not like sudden changes in care.

Growing veitchii

 Location and lighting

Be this palm is in a well lit, warm, regularly ventilated room. But she doesn’t like drafts. The best place for him is the South window.

So the whole plant received a sufficient portion of the sunlight and formed uniformly, periodically turning to the sun different sides.


Comfortable for veitchii temperature – +16-22°C. minor deviations are possible, but the plant does not tolerate sudden temperature drops, the leaves can be spotty.

Not like palm and too warm air during the heating season.

Watering and humidity

This water-loving plant. In spring and summer, water it liberally and often, making sure only to avoid excess moisture in the soil. Beginning in the fall reduce watering, keeping the soil dry.

Spraying needs in the summer, do it on hot days more often, cool – less. In the winter, especially if there is the heater, it is better not to spray and wipe the leaves with a damp sponge.

To humidify the air, you can put on the battery wet fabric or to put next to the bowl of wet pebbles. This plant is sensitive to moisture, and if the yellow leaves is likely air-dried.


Feed the palm tree, like most plants during the active growing season from spring to early autumn. The best tool is a special fertilizer for palm trees suitable for feeding dracaena or Yucca.

Transplantation and propagation

Vatche does not require frequent replanting, especially in adulthood. Young trees are transplanted every spring, and with the cessation of active growth in 2-3 years, most large plants contained in barrels – in 5-6 years.

The ground may be different, but more suited to the mixture of leaf, turf, humus soil and sand (sand less than half the other components). Use for planting this plant and a ready substrate for palm trees.

This plant is propagated by seeds. So they went up, mixed peat, sand and chopped sphagnum moss, placed in soil and seeds grown at high temperature (not less than 25 degrees) under glass.

Pests and fight with them

The leaves of this palm are sometimes strikingly mites, mealybug and scale insects. If the leaves begin to turn yellow, and they were gossamer, the plant is rubbed with a sponge dipped in soapy water, using special tools.

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