Washingtonia care at home


Perennial palm washingtonia native to the southern United States often grown in the home.

This plant is direct hard and rough trunk and large fan-shaped leaves growing densely.

In the indoor horticulture widespread 2 kinds of palm trees: nicanora strong (or powerful).

Growing vashingtonii

 Location and lighting

This palm light, she needs intense sunlight, only from the direct rays it pritenyayut. The best place for it – Western or Eastern window.

To keep the plants growing evenly, periodically turn it to light different sides.

If the sun is in the room is not enough, you need artificial lighting. Summer palm can be taken on the balcony or take to the cottage, but she needs protection from rain.

In winter, it also need fairly intense lighting.


In spring and summer the plant requires constant high temperature – from +20 to 25°C. If the tree is in a warm room, you need to ensure regular ventilation.

In winter it is desirable to reduce the temperature to 10-12°C, as the plant goes into a dormant state. If washingtonia contains winter in a warm room, it can drop leaves.

Watering and humidity

In the warm season watered regularly, not pouring, but not allowing drying of the soil. Watering should be defended, not cold water. In winter, watering is much less.

If the air in the room is dry, the leaves of the trees sprayed in the morning and evening, wash with a damp sponge.


From March to October washingtonia needs regular fertilizing, which conduct 2 times in a month. For this purpose, complex mineral fertilizer with a high iron content. Do not feed just transplanted and diseased plants.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplanted the palm is not often: young trees every 1-2 years, as they age, so are less likely to hold a transplant or handling and do it in the spring, before active growth.

A flower planted in a deep pot or wooden tub, using good drainage and substrate for trees (it can be replaced with a mixture of turf, humus and leaf soil (turf twice) with a small amount of sand).

The only way the reproduction of washingtonia – using seeds. Them immediately after harvest lightly treated with sandpaper (stratification of seeds), soaked day with warm water and sown in a mixture of moss, sand, sawdust and steamed with the addition of powdered charcoal, and kept in a warm place under glass until germination, watering regularly. Then dive and are seated in individual pots.

Pests and fight with them

On the trunk, leaves, and stalks of plants sometimes appear mealybug, scale insects and spider mites that cause the yellowing of leaves.

Sheets wipe a tampon moistened in a mild soap solution, you can apply special chemicals.

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