Walls cork cover

cork for walls

Cork is a unique material for high-quality and unusual wall decoration of the room.

This natural material made from the bark of cork oak.

Cork is so beautiful and aesthetic, it’s just breathtaking.

Use of the material in the process of finishing the walls can be in different variations. As the primary coating, and as decoration to create a unique fancy shape.

Even finish the tube column completely changes the reality. The advantages of cork in walls:1. The material has excellent insulating properties. Retains heat in the room. Thanks to the unique structure (the material consists of air cells) extraneous noise does not penetrate into the room.2. The surface collects dust.3. The material has low Flammability, in case of fire does not emit into the air of harmful substances.4. Plug has a moisture proof abilities. There is also a special coating, which enhances the properties of the material.5. The unique characteristics of the material completely exclude the formation of surface mold and mildew.6. Tube perfectly hides the imperfections of the walls.7. Suitable for walls in any room, regardless of the level of moisture in it. It is better to apply, of course, granular tube.

To clean cork is not caused discomfort, it is recommended to cover the surface with varnish or wax. Most often for the walls and used a cork tile. It may be in one or two layers.

Sometimes the tube is only used as the face covering, the basis of the material is veneer and other components.

Cork tiles are mounted on the glue, better dispersion, but other types of material, the most important part was not solvent.

Also for the walls use cork panels. The material has a thickness of three

cork for walls

mm, consists of two layers. As a decorative cork veneer layer is used.

A variety of colors and variations allow you to find the best option. The pattern of the layer resembles the surface of the stone or cut of the marble. The panels are in the form of a square or rectangle.

Thanks to the molded cork crumbs there is a unique finishing material decorative cork fabric. Color of linen is natural, although there are options with color blotches.

The material is sold in rolls, easy to work with and create a unique interior.

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