Walkamerica — care at home


A plant of the family verbenaceae, clerodendrum, a native of West Africa.

It refers to the blossoming vines and has about 400 species.

Most of them is oval or rounded leaves and beautiful flowers, gathered in inflorescences, one of the features was a wild geranium rapid growth.

Cultivation of walkamerica

 Location and lighting

This plant should be in a bright room without direct sunlight. Possible light partial shade, but the lack of sun, it may be difficult to bloom and to give small sheets.


Summer for normal growth and flowering was a wild geranium maintains the temperature from +16 to + 25°C, in winter +12-18°C.

If you reduce the temperature to +10°C, the plant may go into a dormant state, sometimes during this period, it drops leaves.

Watering and humidity

In summer and autumn, the plant needs abundant but not frequent watering – about once a week 1 to top layer of soil had time to dry. In winter, watering is more rare, especially if the vine is kept at a low temperature.

Requires a high level of humidity, so the flower sprayed daily.

But it is better to replace spraying the pot in a container with moist pebbles or in a tray of water. In winter, the plant is better to place it away from radiators.


For fertilizing use all-purpose liquid fertilizer. They are used every 2 weeks from April until August.

Transplantation and propagation

The vine requires annual replanting, which is produced in the spring using a substrate consisting of equal parts of turf earth, humus, peat, add 3 times less than sand.

Walkamerica propagated by stem cuttings and seeds. The easiest way – in the spring or summer to separate the cuttings on the plant and root them in water, soil or wet sand. After the appearance of roots, the young plants are planted in individual pots.

Pests and fight with them

Most often this plant is striking in insects such as spider mites, whiteflies and aphids. The emergence of these parasites indicate the cobweb, small white insects and dried leaves, the appearance of stains on them, the deformation of the shoots, slow growth and lack of flowering.

Rid of them using standard methods: by washing the leaves with soapy sponge, then rinse with clean water.

If the plant is severely affected by parasites, it is treated aktellikom. Those parts which were seriously damaged by aphids or whiteflies before treatment is removed.

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