Vriesea — care at home


Vriesea belongs to the bromeliad family, native to tropical forests of Central and South America.

This genus comprises over 250 species, but room for content suitable only for some of them.

Grow it as an epiphyte (in hanging pots, driftwood), and like terrestrial plant, using epiphytic substrate.

Vriesea has a long (20-80 cm), hard solid or spotted leaves, forming a rosette. In the center of the plant produces a flower stalk with inflorescence in the form of a spike.

Growing vriyeziyi

 Location and lighting

The best place for this flower, a well – lit window but protected from direct sunlight, especially during the summer months.

Usually the pot is placed on the East or West side. As in nature the plant is in the shade of the trees, it can be placed on the North window.


Vriesea thermophilic, it requires a summer temperature from +22 to 25°C in winter and 16-18°C.

Watering and humidity

The flower requires regular watering with room temperature water, and water is poured into the funnel of leaves. By reducing the air temperature the moisture from the outlet is removed, giving the soil an opportunity to dry.

The optimal level of humidity needed by this plant is 60-70%. If the room is warm, sprayed it daily with a soft warm water, while watching to prevent moisture from getting to the buds.

To maintain high humidity can, dropping a flower pot on a tray of wet gravel.


Make foliar fertilizer is a special fertilizer for bromeliads, plants diluted with water and poured directly into the rosette. Feed 1 to 2 weeks from April to mid-autumn.

Transplantation and propagation

Vriyeziyu transplanted in that case, if she «grew» out of the pot. In the spring repot into a larger pot, using a mixture of peat land, humus, moss-sphagnum moss and pine bark.

A special mix for bromeliads, plants or orchids. Put plants in a wide shallow pot.

Propagated by seeds and the little spikes, which are formed on the mother plant.

These shoots appear at the base and when they reach one third of its growth, separate them with roots and planted in a mixture of leaf soil (3 parts), pine bark and sand (1 part). The plant after flowering, usually dies.

Vriyeziyu seeds to propagate more difficult, it will take several months and special care (first seeds germinated in the mixture of fibers ferns, sphagnum moss and sand, then after germination carry out the pick and planted in individual pots.

Pests and fight with them

Sometimes damage mealybugs and scale insects. To get rid of them, the flower is treated with insecticide (aerosol). Do it at a distance of at least 50 cm below the leaves was not formed burns.

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