Violet – care at home

Violet – care at home

Amazingly beautiful flowers Saintpaulia, which we are used to call violet.

But that’s not every grower-lover turns out to grow – is so capricious this plant.

But with proper care of violets at home, they are in gratitude for the love «answer» the bright colors of their inflorescences.

Violet care

Despite the fact that violets like lots of light, direct sunlight, hide them better, tender leaves can get «burns».

Therefore the best variant of placing of the plants and the window sills. If this condition is not feasible, then the window will be violet, you should blackout curtain tulle, which ensures the dispersion of the rays.

The air temperature

Violets are very sensitive to changes in air temperature. Therefore, indoors, where they grow, it is best to maintain a constant temperature.

While not desirable that great heat (more than +25 ° C), and the bottom indicator should not be lower +10 º C. And violets in the home should be protected from drafts.

 Watering violets

It must be said that the excess of moisture is harmful for the flowers. Watering should be as drying of the soil. If you do everything correctly, 1 time a week would be enough.

Otherwise, violets will rot the roots. And fall on the leaves, the moisture can cause diseases.

To disappear they will, and by watering through the top. The Saintpaulia «watered» through the deep sump. This should be done thus: to defend water at room temperature, poured into a large container, which is already a flower pot of violets.

The plant should «treat» as long as moisten the soil. By the time it takes 8-10 hours.

Dipping the violets

This procedure should be given special attention. Despite the fact that violet is impossible «to drink» over the top, to «bathe» her from time to time still need her velvet leaves the dust settles. But to carry out this procedure properly.

The pots put in a bath under light warm running water. It should not touch the flowers with your hands.

After «bathing» the plant for a few hours you need to leave the bathroom, to drain excess moisture from the soil. Even the flowers should be dried after water treatment.

Fertilizing violets in the home

To feed the Saintpaulia need a special fertilizer for violet. Add fertilizer in the irrigation water, which is fed to the pot through the pan.

Regularity of supply depends on the flowering period: at the time thereof, weekly, in the interval between – 1 time per month.


Violets are propagated by leaves. To do this, the adult plant choose the most durable, deep green leaf, neatly cut down and placed or in a glass of water or directly into the ground to violet.

Rooting for the best for the first days capacity it is recommended to cover with a plastic bag.

For planting cuttings of violets in a permanent place, you should choose a small flower pot (but not very small). It is desirable that it was moderately deep, half the capacity will have to be taken under the drainage (this is mandatory).

Pests of violets and fight with them

Violet – care at home

Saintpaulia, and other potted flowers, plague mites, mealybugs and aphids.

You can fight with them a special insecticidal compounds such as Fitoverm.

But when planting young plants to apply preventive tricks: to add earthy substratum Basudin or spray the root system of Akhtar.

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