Vietnamese pigs — description of the breed

Pigs Vietnamese

Pigs are the most popular animals in private farms.

Of course, who would refuse a delicious fat and tender meat?!

Moreover, pigs can make good money. But what breed to choose?

In this article we will focus on the Vietnamese breed.

Vietnamese pigs refers to the bacon type. Meat yield is about 80%. This suggests that if the pig will weigh 100 kg, the yield of pure meat is from 70 to 80 kg.

After all, despite the fact that in 3-4 months the pig is considered an adult and is already up to four months the female is ready to mate.

Despite the early age, binding does not affect the development and growth in General. But the offspring were healthy and strong, astringent it is better to organize when the female reaches 30 kg (approximately 5 months).

For the first time a female brings a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 piglets, and subsequently, the number increases to 20.

Vietnamese pig breed quite rapidly gaining weight, it is easy to care, and besides, it is unpretentious in food.

But the pigs are fully developed but grass, they must be given concentrate feed, as well as beets, carrots, potatoes, apples and pears.

From spring until autumn the main diet should be fresh grass and winter hay.

In the summer, enough to feed twice, and in the winter to feed and lunch. Better than pigs to feed thick porridge of crushed corn.

If it is correct to feed the Vietnamese pigs, the meat will be dense enough and have a pleasant taste, and the fat will be meat with a good layer.

This breed adapts even to the cold Russian climate. Pigs in the warm season the pasta in the fresh air.

Animals always know what kind of grass you have, and what not. As a result, pigs have a strong immune system, good mood and most importantly a large increase, which is not true of those that grow in captivity.

An important disadvantage is that the Vietnamese pigs do not tolerate drafts. Be sure the room should be warm and dry.

Interestingly, pigs have characteristic accuracy. They know where the «bathroom» and «bedroom», so a pigsty is no normal for these animals, smell,

pigs Vietnamese

and clean up after them much easier.

It is desirable to have concrete floors with wooden platforms. If platforms is not, then the straw would need much more.

Also disadvantage is the excessive concern with the female pigs.

She is ready to feed them to exhaustion, so the young need to take away after two months.

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