Video surveillance over the Internet: the guardian of order in your country

video surveillance in the country via the Internet

The desire of urban dwellers to have a country house with a garden-a kitchen garden is quite understandable.

Nature, silence, clean air, vegetables and fruits grown without pesticides, help relieve stress, relax and improve your health.

But in most cases, these houses are occupied only in the warm time of the year and not continuously, but visited mostly on the weekends.

In winter, these homes are just close, trying to prevent the possibility of unauthorized access.

Until recently, to monitor the situation, being away, it was almost impossible. But now there is such a possibility, namely video surveillance over the Internet to give.

The system provides reliable monitoring of the safety of a country estate and gives the opportunity to observe in real time and make video and audio recording.

Thus, the features of reliable watchman passed on Internet surveillance. Security system surveillance ensures that any interference will be sent a alarm and transmitted the picture from the event, which you can watch on the TV, computer, tablet or smartphone.

Video surveillance over the Internet to give is a complete set of equipment, ready for installation on the object.

Select one or the other set depending on the size of the object and features of his plan. For example, video Zmodo Economy will suitable for apartments or small private houses.

It includes four camera (wired) that can be set to monitor the most problematic places, both indoors and out.

Their body is protected from atmospheric precipitation. Through the use of powerful IR illumination provided by video surveillance in the dark.

Video surveillance over the Internet for the cottages, carried out using kit Zmodo Economy, allows you to view information from almost any point of the globe.

Built-in motion sensors and a siren don’t leave the criminals there is no hope for illegal entry.

If necessary, the system can be connected remotely controlled camera. Recording is done in 4 modes (cyclic, manual, schedule, alarm) that allows the use of video surveillance in the best option. There is an opportunity to throw off the information to external media.

It is important that the installation of this kit the help of a specialist is required. It is quite possible to install yourself.

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