Varieties of winter wheat

Varieties of winter wheat

Once the right will be selected varieties of winter wheat depends on good germination of sprouts and the quality of the grain harvest.

The major role is played by the zoning of crops – it takes into account the peculiarities of local climate.

As the cultivation of grain is the main food processing sector, the «genetic» quality of grain are constantly improving.

Therefore, modern varieties have become popular among farmers.

Modern varieties of winter wheat

The country has great black soil where is cultivated the major share of crops.

Branch selection is at all agricultural institutions, but especially popular are the winter wheat varieties developed by the don scientific research Institute.

And many of them adapted to growing conditions in the Nonchernozem regions, and areas with cold winters.

  • «Moscow-39» and «Moscow-56» give a good crop on any land. Resistant to strong frosts and prolonged drought, lodging and diseases. Have high nutritional qualities – high content of gluten and protein puts them at the first stage in the bakery production.


  • For zoning in the Stavropol region, Voronezh region, on the don-grown varieties «Tarasovskaya spinous», «Spring Tarasovskiy» , and «Rosinka Tarasovskaya». Their basic properties are: high yield, nutritional value of grain, good resistance to cold and drought.


  • For cultivation in the North Caucasus can be recommended resistant to the local climate varieties of winter wheat «Governor, don» «August,» «the Prestige».


  • In the Lower Volga region the best yields will give a grade of»Komyshanka-3″ and «don». The first variety grows well on fallow lands, the second the necessary predecessors.


  • In Moscow and the middle Volga «comfortable» feel varieties like «Galina» and «Before-57». They have high nutritional quality, and resistant to all kinds of «force majeure».


  • Ural-Altaic varieties can be called «Before-24». This variety of wheat is an especially versatile: high yield, excellent grain quality, high resistance to pests, diseases and climatic adversities.

 Ukrainian breeding

The breadbasket of the former Soviet Union was once considered Ukraine. And now the country can boast of high quality work of breeders, especially Odessa.

Their varieties of winter wheat are divided according to their genetic potential:

  • High-Intensity: «Darkie», «Columbia».


  • Semi-intensive: «Odessa-267», «Dykan’ka» and others.


  • Intense: «Yatran-60», «Respect», etc.


  • Universal: «Minion», «Podolyanka», etc.

The timing of maturation is possible to distinguish the following varieties:

Varieties of winter wheat

  • Early: «Myronivska», «Donskaya semi-dwarf».


  • Mid-Season: «Kuyalnik», «Nicosia».


  • Mid-Season: «Largo», «Podolyanka».

The best for winter hardiness are considered to be varieties of «Podolyanka», «Dryad», «Kharkivska-105», and drought resistance – «villager», «darkie», «Yatran-60».

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