Varieties of watermelon.

Varieties of watermelon.

People rooted in the notion that good and sweet watermelon can be grown only in hot and dry climates in the South.

However, most of Russian territory is situated in the cool climate zones, and want to grow watermelon in your garden live everywhere.

Therefore, breeders have brought several hybrid varieties of watermelons, well adapted for aging in Siberia.

Varieties of watermelon.

«Ultra early«. This small watermelon, two to four pounds. The flesh is bright red. The taste is quite sweet.

For germination of seeds planted with the onset of may. Outdoors it is transplant is carried out after the onset of stable warm nights.

«The light«. Refers to early maturing varieties of watermelons are grown for nearly half a century. Small fruits have a dark green color, achieve only two pounds.

However, these watermelons are very sweet. They have the flesh red, sugary, dense. The variety is resistant to many diseases, unpretentious.

«Crimson Sweet«. A very popular variety among the lovers of the garden. For aging it works in just 60-70 days atalogo Siberian summer. Watermelons grow smooth, round, light green.

The flesh is so moist and delicious. The fruits grow to 4-5 kg. the Variety is not much climbing, which facilitates the care of plants, quite resistant to various diseases.

«Siberian«. The variety that was bred specifically for the inhabitants of Siberia. Resistant to temperature extremes, not whimsical care. Refers to the varieties of early ripening. The fruit is gaining 5 kg of weight. The flesh is juicy and sweet watermelons.

«Crimson Wonder«. Very good variety, which showed a good side in difficult climatic conditions of Siberia.

He manages to gain weight and sweetness of 85 days, it is middle-early varieties of watermelons. The fruits grow to as much as 10 kg, the skin is painted in pale green with dark stripes across the surface.

The flesh is tender, red, flavor and aroma cannot be confused with other varieties. «Crimson wonder» resistant to diseases and easily carries the carriage so it can be sold in other regions of the country.

Varieties of watermelon.

The most important rule in growing watermelons in conditions of the Siberian summer is a selection of special varieties.

Buy seeds from reliable vendors, well-established stores.

Currently, it is increasingly possible to see the seeds of watermelon foreign manufacturers.

Some of them («Madera«, «Victoria«, «Liking«) showed a good side and are quite suitable Siberians.

Video Harvest of watermelons in Siberia. Varietal and hybrid watermelons.

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