Varieties of Violets – the names and descriptions

Varieties of Violets – the names and descriptions

In spite of his whimsical character of violet, are popular with gardeners — so beautiful Saintpaulia variety of its blossoms.

And if someone decided to be patient and to arrange it on the windowsill to the garden of Eden, one kind of violets is not limited.

Classification of violets

This native of tropical Africa are popular not only for Europeans-the townsfolk – he became a favorite subject of the experiments of breeders.

And now Saintpaulia boasts a diversity of hybrid varieties and types. To classify the violet can according to different parameters:

  • — colors: uniform (classic, star, campanulaceae, fancy, etc.), their color (white, multicolor, Geneva), framing the hem (frill, flute, fringe), degree of double petals;


  • — leaves in appearance, shape and hue;


  • — in size of outlet: from miniature (less than 7cm) to large (over 40 cm).


Varieties of violets

Among a large number of varieties of Saintpaulia, there are a number of plants that are most common on the window sills of the inhabitants. And how good you violet, so beautiful and names that gave breeders.

The most unpretentious, require a more or less simple care, are the following varieties of violets domestic breeders:

  • Balcor Avenir – classic flower two shades of (on a pink background – blue bar). This violet refers to the floor of the miniature form and looks very gentle.


  • Caramels – this semi-double miniature looks very impressive on the windowsill due to its colour: white petals are crimson or purple stripes.


  • The God of the Sun – bright cherry red large double flowers is framed with soft white trim, which gives the inflorescence a festive view.

This flower is especially loved by the florists before the other varieties bloom longer pleases all with its charm.

  • Silver Romance – multicolor «create» unusual beauty. Delicate petals as if «ends» from the center to the edges: from deep pink to pale hue.

The edges of each petal is framed by a ruffle pale green color.

  • Polina – full of charm thanks to the amazing form of the petals, framed by a corrugated fringe of white color.

Purple flowers violets with splashes of a darker shade are large in size, which can be attributed to this variety to mean «giant.»

Varieties of Violets – the names and descriptions

  • Victorian Ribbons – this variety of violets refers to the chimeras due to its color: the deep purple petals «painted» by wide white stripes extending from the center to the edges.

It makes violet like a cluster of little stars. In comparison with the above varieties this Saintpaulia require special care.

But it’s worth it – abundant and long blooming will be awarded to the owner of violet.

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