Varieties of the gooseberry and their characteristics

varieties of gooseberries - a generous

The gooseberry has a large number of different varieties.

Here you will find a description of some of them.

But it will be enough to know his job the gardeners could choose a suitable for his soil , the variety of gooseberry and adapted for the region in which he lives.

«Generous» is of medium shrubs with spreading branches. Around the Bush is usually a lot of prickly shoots.

The flowers have a greenish – red and large, and the berries grow round and purple – red.

Peel from the ripe fruit is thin and covered with sparse hairs, sour taste. This winter-hardy variety, resistant to powdery mildew, medium maturing.

«Belarus red» is distinguished by a large bushes, rather low, overhanging branches covered with small sparse spines.

The berries he has red with yellow streaks, very sweet. This variety is also resistant to frost, mildew, but is sometimes affected by American powdery mildew.

The sort of «Belarusian» is characterized by tall, upright bushes with thick shoots straight. The flowers have a large, pale red.

Berries can typically be of different sizes, depending on the growth conditions, medium or large, green, thin skin and sweet. The ripening period is middle-late.

The bushes yielding, resistant to frost and American powdery mildew. This is a dessert variety of gooseberry.

sortie agruso - Yary

«Ardent«is a variety with bushes of small size, with very spreading branches and long slender spikes on them.

Its berries are striking lovers lemon yellow color and large size. Peel them soft and subtle.

They are good to eat fresh. The bushes are hardy and ripen early. Because it is a variety of gooseberry.

The sort of «pioneer» has a strong compact Bush that is easy to tolerate frosts. American not infected with powdery mildew.

Berries it has an oval red. Variety is very fruitful. Adapts well to almost any soil.

«Malachite» and really resembles berries gem. He is not tall tall straight bushes with rare but strong spines.

Berries very large, round. Glabrous, green, as if covered with a waxy bloom. They have the flesh juicy and tender and fit for cooking jam or jam, and for eating fresh.

This variety is taking root in Central and Siberia, because in the shelter of fir or pine legs tolerates temperatures down to -35 or even higher. It Matures in mid – late July.

The sort of «Change» very positive comments on the quality of the soil. On normal soils, it grows medium in height and spreading.

And on fertile soils – at a rather high Bush. On older branches the thorns in his absent, but young branches covered with a thin and weak spines.

The berries are red and quite small. But they make a wonderful jam, taste and color very similar to the cherry jam. The berries are quite sweet and require less sugar when cooked.

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