Varieties of strawberries (strawberry)

varieties strawberries festival

If you want to have a permanent abundant harvest varietal strawberries in your garden, I suggest that you very responsibly approach to the choice of varieties.

Here is a description of some of them.

«Festival» — tall shrub with dense foliage. The leaves are greenish – glaucous, and the peduncle is quite compact. At the beginning of the fruiting berries reach fifty grams and resemble a rooster’s comb. The variety is winter hardy and ripens in mid-June.

«Seagull» — has a strong high bushes with leaves bright green in color. The inflorescence is quite spacious with large white flowers. The berries have a tapered shape and red flesh. The average period of ripening, as in «Festival». And cold hardiness is also good.

«Lviv early«is a variety with small but fragrant berries red. Has a regular shape and a pronounced neck. Quite winter-hardy.

«Ed. Gauntlet» — a strong Bush with large, smooth, bright red berries, which are well transported. The timing of maturation medium. The plant tolerates frost and drought.

«Camera Turocy» — has large shrubs with strong stems and berries of a large size. Form berries flattened at the tip, begins to bear fruit from mid-June and continues until the end of the month. Needs abundant watering. The cold is well tolerated.

«Claire» — Italian variety is characterized by large shrubs and fruit right shape. It is not susceptible to diseases and is well transported. The peduncles are large clusters of berries.

«Queen Elizabeth II» — class with powerful bushes and a few leaves that produce fruit from June to September. In cool and rainy summer berries only become more and more beautiful. Grade tolerates frost and has a strong immunity to diseases and pests of plants.

«Albion«is yet another record for fruiting. It begins to bear fruit at the end of may, and it does so until frost. He has shiny leaves and fragrant delicious large berries.

Unfortunately, Albion can boast hardiness. But with appropriate shelter and farming you can enjoy strawberries all summer until late autumn.

«Roxanne«is a mid-season variety with a strong, compact bushes and round with glitter berries. Thick orange flesh is sweet and fragrant.

«The ruby pendant«is the Russian variety is middle-ripening berries. Not very disease resistant, but has a good productivity. It is universal, thick with red berries.

«Fireworks«is also created in Russia. Has a strong Bush with a spherical cap of leaves. He has a very large beautiful and delicious berries. But at harvest need to be especially careful, because its stalk is quite brittle and break easily.

strawberry varieties - Roxanne

«Cardinal» — a wonderful variety that will please you as a double crop. Powerful bushes and shiny leaves, large bright red with the sheen of the fruit spicy taste does not deteriorate during transportation and keep well.

«Masha» — early strawberries with very large (up to hundred grams) berries of excellent flavor and wonderful aroma. The variety is relatively resistant to plant diseases.

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