Varieties of squash — the name and description

Varieties of squash

Squash is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to family Cucurbitaceae, is cultivated and less Bush semi-Bush form.

The leaves of the plant is relatively stiff, flowers solitary yellow.

The shape and color of fruits of different varieties may differ greatly. Its color is whitish, yellowish, green and so on., sometimes with stripes or spots.

Varieties of squash — the name and description

 «White 13» — mid-season (the first harvest started in 53-57 days after emergence). Very unpretentious variety. The Bush branched, prickly. Fruits white, discoid shaped, with scalloped edges, weighing 400-500 g.

«Drive» — the early-ripening variety of squash (with proper care, the first harvest start at 47 to 52 days after first germination ), quite cold, with one or two side shoots. Squash whitish in color, disc-shaped, with weak ribbing, weighing up to 360 g.

«Umbrella» — early maturing, Bush varieties of squash, pubescence relatively prickly. The fruit is whitish rarely light green in color, bell-shaped, weighing more than 400 g Flesh is white, juicy. Quite demanding to soil fertility and warmth, but resistant to disease.

«Caravan» — early maturing, very compact, slightly branched variety, reaching a height of 70 cm, the flowers of the female type. The squashes are light green, disc shape, with a faint scalloped edges, weighing approximately 180 g.

«UFO White — early maturing, compact shrub, the fruit is whitish, plate, weight 0.9-1kg Flesh that breaks into fibers.

«Orange UFOs» — early ripening variety of squash. Fruit pale yellow, dish-shaped, glossy, weighing from 280 to 500 g. the Flesh is orange-yellow.

Polo F1 – early maturing hybrid, with a compact Bush. Fruit plate, green, without spots, weighing 300 to 400g.

<«Piglet» — early maturing, quite resistant to drought. A compact Bush. Fruits whitish, disc-shaped, smooth, with a mass of 210 g.

«Sunny delight»F1 hybrid early maturing variety, compact Bush. The fruit plate, yellow in color , weighing 80 to 100 g. the Flesh is predominantly white.

Solnyshko — middle-Bush, not the branching. Fruit dish with scalloped edge, bright yellow in color, weighing 300 g.

«Sabolinski» — mid-season, resistant to powdery and downy mildew. Carrot plants are semi-long, soft pubescence. The fruits are yellowish when ripe orange, disc shape, weighing up to 300 g. the Flesh is cream.

Tango F1 – early-ripening variety of squash, slightly branched, almost prickly. The fruit is green color, when

Varieties of squash - the name and description

ripening yellow, disc shape, weighing up to 330 g. the Flesh is light green.

Cheburashka — early maturing, cold tolerant variety, female flowering type, with a soft pubescence. Each plant produces up to 14-16 white fruits weighing up to 500g, flat shape, with poorly cut edges.

«Chunga — Changa» — early maturing, compact Bush. Fruits are dark green color, plate, weighing about 330 g. the Flesh is cream.

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