Varieties of sea buckthorn its useful properties

sea buckthorn Chui

Recently scientists have created a large number of good yielding varieties of sea buckthorn.

These include «the Gift of the Katun», which ripen in late summer, and «Chuy sea buckthorn».

«Chuy sea buckthorn» is directly summer variety, has few spines and a long peduncle.

So its berries are very convenient to collect. In addition there is a large amount of vitamin C and carotene.

«The gift of the Katun» is a tree of medium height with a small number of spikes, pink berries and moderate acidity.

«The news of Altai» has a broad crown, long branches and large orange berries. This variety is famous for its sour – sweet taste and no thorns.

«The gold ear» — a plant with short branches and a compact crown. Its fruits are yellow with a blush and sour taste.

«Sea buckthorn oil» — a fairly low grade with a pyramidal crown. Branches are thin and weeping. Its berries are unusual for buckthorn red and not choke in the collection.

This Variety

sea buckthorn oil

has high yielding and resistant to frost, and the roots are not vypravit even at high humidity.

«Vitamin sea buckthorn» — the plant has a high trunk with thick branches. It is a late variety, and its fruit will be ready for removal only at the beginning of September.

They are the usual orange color and the flavor felt a noticeable acidity. Because the level of vitamin C there will be a little higher.

«Chip 1» is a low tree, have branches without spines. He has quite large fruit that ripen in late August.

Sea buckthorn is a very useful plant in all respects. For example, one hundred grams of this fruit there is a weekly dose of vitamin A, ten doses of vitamin C and vitamin E.

Additionally sea buckthorn is full of vitamins P, PP, 1,2, B6, and K. From minerals it contains magnesium, necessary for the heart, manganese, aluminum, silicon, and even titanium.

Also useful for the leaves of this plant. It treat rheumatism, scurvy, gout, various tumors, diseases of the stomach and colon.

And sea buckthorn oil applied to wounds for rapid healing, anesthetize, if necessary, parts of the body, treat burns, diabetes, eczema, and blood diseases, hypertension, and radiation sickness, senile cataracts and hair loss.

Sea-buckthorn should be entered in the permanent diet of your nutrition in peptic ulcer disease or obesity as a dietary product.

And it helps with skin diseases or hypovitaminosis. From sea buckthorn berries can be cooked jam, jelly, compote, juice, wine, oil. Buckthorn leaves can brew tea, put in broths and soups as a seasoning.

To cook oil from fruits of sea buckthorn are advised to skip the fruit through a meat grinder and squeeze through cheesecloth, folded in several layers.

Juice can be preserved and can be consumed fresh. And the cake is dried, digging in the process of drying, then put in a pot and liberally moistened with vegetable oil.

This pot put in a large size container with water and boil for 30 minutes. Then, the resulting mixture was stirred and cooled to room temperature.

Then again heated and again cooled. This process is repeated up to four times. Oil is then squeezed under a press, filter through cheesecloth and store in the fridge.

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