Varieties of rhododendrons title and description


Varieties of rhododendrons

Most members of this plant bloom lush and beautiful color.

The shades can be purple, lilac, cream, bright red.

Flower size is also different, ranging from 3 to 20 cm in diameter.

Some varieties of rhododendrons are so beautiful that just takes your breath away.

There are also varieties with pleasant fragrance that spreads throughout the garden.

But there are so many that just don’t list. Here are some of them:

Evergreen varieties

More suitable for cultivation in the middle lane:

Catawbiense. This is a shrub, whose height from 3 to 4 m. Leaves stiff, flowers crimson, large, clustered in delicate blossoms. The beauty of the flowering, you can watch the first two summer months.

This species is resistant to low temperatures. Despite the fact that it is better to plant in full sun, can grow in partial shade.

Caucasian. Shrub from one meter and more. The flowers are in diameter about 6 cm white, pink, milk. Frost is well tolerated, but it happens and freezing.

The Pontic. A tall shrub 3 to 5 m. Leaves leathery, flowers are painted in purple color. Loves heat, so you need shelter for the winter. It blooms from April to may.

Short. Height 2 to 4 m. the Leaves are long, waxy. Flowering begins in summer and to early autumn. Flower pink with red drops.

The largest. In nature the height is about 12 m, and culture 1-4 m. the Leaves are about 20-30 cm long Flowers are white or cream. Blooms in the summer.

Dry varieties of rhododendrons

 The Sikhote-Alin. The flowers are a nice pink color with a purple hue. Originality attach a long thin stamens.

Ledebour. Bush height of about 2 m. it Breaks through the snow with green leaves. But they are only 1-2 years, and then with the advent of spring, fall with the emergence of new sprouts.

The plant begins flowering at 4-5 years of age in April and may. Flowers lilac-pink, large.

Deciduous varieties of rhododendrons

 Daur. Height about 2 m. the Leaves are small. Different frost. It flowers in the month of may.

Yellow (Pontic Azalea). Good growing, height not less than 2 m. Flowers fragrant, yellow or orange. Flowering in may-June. With the advent of autumn the leaves become bright and beautiful. Hardy.

Japanese. The Bush is low. Flowers appear in may-June cream-colored or orange. Can be propagated by cuttings.

Canadian. Compact bushes, hardy. Different decorative appearance. Often planted in flower ensembles. This variety is an excellent background for other plants.

Kamchatka. The undersized total of about 35 cm Flowers colorful red, rather big. The leaves are oblong. Blossoms in June.

Varieties of rhododendrons

Rhododendron dense. This species has many hybrids. The shrub is small, growing slowly, rasstalas pillow. The leaves have a bluish tint. Blooming beautiful and very bright.

Vasey. A tall Bush, in the nature of up to 5 m in the garden just 1.5 m. the Leaves are oblong, broad, dark green. Blooms in April-may pink with orange spots flowers. Flavor is not.

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