Varieties of radish — names and description

sortie radishes

Such food as radish helps to improve metabolism in the human body, which makes it popular in use.

The radish contains large amount of vitamin C, thanks to its attractive color, it becomes even more appetizing.

Especially the need for its use can be seen in the early spring, so it is considered a collector of many vitamins.

Radishes are useful for people suffering from diseases, healthy people it is just by eating different salads a pleasure.

The fruits of the radish is used only fresh, but the leaves are used as product, add in soup and in salads.

When planting radishes in spring or mid-summer, using this product will be fresh in the fall and winter.

Modern breeders displayed a lot of different varieties, differing in size, shape and color.

The main characteristic feature of plants is the possibility of the development of radish in the conditions of low temperatures, the optimum temperature for the development of radish equal to 16S.

The main problem facing the farmers is to go on to the arrow radish. The main causes of such trouble can be called dry ground, dense sowing, long-term low temperature.

When growing radishes is of great importance grade. There are best varieties of radish. So, to the early varieties is the radish «Early red«.

It is considered a rather productive variety, soon ripening, resistant to strelkovanie. The root has round shape, red color and is characterized by high density.

The Early variety is red» grown in the greenhouse, but also outdoors too. The pulp of radish white, her inherent tenderness and juiciness. This variety of radish is very tasty.

The sort of «18 days» has a semi long shape, it is widely used all over the world. It is characterized by earliness.

Ripening of this variety 18 days, name it takes its roots. The taste of the flesh of the root is characterized by a lack of sharpness and richness. Fruit shape is elongated, although quite beautiful.

Varieties of radish «Korund» characteristic beautiful red color, while it is the holder of a rounded shape. It ripens evenly, grown in open field and in the greenhouse.

For late sowing suitable varieties of radish «Rhodes«. He had a red color, and the shape rounded. Besides, he has some porosity.

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