Varieties of pumpkin – the name and description

Varieties of pumpkin – the name and description

Those who at least once tried to grow a pumpkin in the country, know how nutritious and healthy this product.

And, despite the fact that culture should be a sufficient area of the garden, a summer visitor does not remain in the loser – from 1 sqm to get a significant harvest.

Varieties varieties of pumpkins

Pumpkin is not only «ubiquitous» vegetable (on every continent), it is also quite ancient culture (Anubis Egyptians used the pumpkin as a delicacy). For so many centuries has bred a large variety of cultivars of this crop.

Types of pumpkin are diverse and differ not only by shape (round, oblong, butylate the like), and coloring.

The size of the vegetable also have a large variation in the parameters: in some varieties the average fruit weight is 15 g, in others – more than 100 kg).

Popular varieties of pumpkin

After going a long way in its development, thanks to the pumpkin breeding quality. And now the varieties differ more, and time for aging, resistant to extreme growing conditions and resistance to diseases.

The most common edible varieties of pumpkin grown in the plots are the following:

The «country«. Compact plant that bears fruit weighing 4.5 kg. Pumpkins are smooth, oval, with orange stripes on a yellow background. The flesh is deep orange and smells of vanilla. The fruit ripens in 2-2.5 months.

«Almond 35«. Brown-orange flattened fruit has a hard crust. The flesh is yellow-orange. For the full maturing varieties of pumpkin have 4 months. As a result, the fruit weight 5 kg For this class are characterized by resistance to rot.

«The Russian woman«. Chalmovidnaya variety of pumpkin, with convex top, the fruit has bright orange flesh. The average size is small but individual fruits can be up to 10 kg of weight at age 100 days. This variety is resistant to extreme conditions.

«Khutoryanka«. Twardogora the fruit is cylindrical decorated with intermittent bands of orange located on a black and green background. Inside has yellow flesh. Average fruit weight is 8 kg, the gestation period is 110 days. This variety of pumpkin is resistant to downy mildew.

«The healing«. The orange color of the fruit has a uniform shade. Form – flat-round, with segments. Thick flesh is bright orange. The fruit Matures in 108 days with an average weight of 3 kg (but sometimes up to 8 kg).

Varieties of pumpkin – the name and description

This variety endures both drought and cold.

«Smile«. This variety of pumpkin treats Kustov – at the average hive produces up to 10 small fruits of a light orange color with faint white stripes. Thick bright orange flesh is sweet and juicy melon flavor.

The fruit Matures in 2.5 months. The variety is resistant to frost and drought. Has a universal purpose – some gardeners grow «Smile» also for decorative purposes.

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