Varieties of Petunia — the names and descriptions

Varieties of Petunia - the names and descriptions

Amazing flavor, variety of colors, original forms did Petunia one of the most popular plants.

And it’s all thanks to the fruitful work of plant breeders who work on cultivation of new species and varieties of petunias for 200 years.

In addition, this flower is firmly established in the garden, Petunia is grown and still at home.

Due to the varieties of forms (cascade, cascade, cluster) this flower becomes a decoration of any interior.

The types and varieties of petunias

 Petunias ampelnoe

Bush petunias room option – the plant is compact, so that the flower pots can easily intervene on the window sills. The most popular among them are the varieties:

Fantasy F1. The plants are very small and bright blossoms, which is completely strewn all over the Bush.

• But the triumph of a beautiful flowers are quite large (diameter up to 16 cm). But this variety of Petunia does not like rainy weather, so in the summer to «walk» it with caution.

Ultra (as well as Storm, Limbaugh) – quite lush Bush, liberally strewn with flowers. Very resistant to weather extremes, so in the summer we can safely take the plant outside.

Petunia cascade

Very nice look «wavy» down the stems of the plants, visually giving a sense of a floral waterfall. But under certain conditions it is possible these stems to sent to grow up. Growing up in long vines, they would originally to trail along the walls.

Among the variety of varieties of cascading Petunia popular silver, royz, cherry, Typhoon.

Petunias ampelnoe

At first glance, a basket of petunias from the falling cascade is a little different. That’s only in a basket stems do not grow upwards. But thickly dotted with flowers escapes, flowing down from hanging on the window pots, form a pretty colored «blind».

Amazing hanging plant varieties of petunias are considered a Waterfall, a Wave of good luck, the Silver surf, the Pearl surf. The names of petunias speak for themselves.

New hybrids of Petunia

In separate groups of growers allocate popular varieties of new selection, which have more pronounced characteristics of representatives Petunia and have the best qualities.

Varieties of petunias

Petunia Floribunda boasts a large macrosistema buds in bright colors. Each petal is embellished with stripes contrasting to the main color.

This variety refers to Bush variety. Petunias are very resistant to the whims of nature, so feels comfortable on the balcony and in the garden.

Calibrachoais a hybrid petunias cascade and cascade. The trunk of this plant more trees, can grow quite tall bushes.

But can grow, calibrachoa and cascading, falling down down a scattering of bright flowers. One drawback plants prefer South latitude.

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