Varieties of pepper.

varieties of pepper.

Pepper – vegetable, very tasty as fresh, and many dishes the presence of vitamin C.

It looks nice in salads, harmonizes well with meat dishes and is also suitable for pickling.

The choice varieties of peppers landing should be treated very carefully, because it is a heat-loving vegetable, therefore, varieties should be early maturing.

To grow in Siberia, it is necessary in greenhouses, but sometimes, it turns out, harvest and on open ground.

Varieties of pepper.

One of the common varieties of the pepper is the Bun. Low shrubs with dense foliage produce a good yield. The fruit is very tasty, round shape with light ribbing, weighing from 100 to 160 g, have a color from light green to bright red. Mature together.

The following popular variety of Previously miracle. Early maturing, ripening period 3-3. 5 months. Fruit prismoidal shape with bright red color and thick walls. The bushes reach a size up to 120 cm. Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus.

Interesting and productive variety of Sweet banana. A delicious fruit has the shape of a banana, coloring from light yellow to orange-red. Length of the pepper reaches from 15 to 17 cm, diameter 6 cm.

A good option would be to Swallow. The mid-ripening variety with a spreading shrub, height up to 70 cm. in the form of a cone have a color from light green to red. The average weight of 55 g of pulp with a thickness of 4-5 mm Variety attracts with its juicy, tender harvest.

Ripening varieties with simultaneous ripening is Winnie the Pooh. Fruits are conical, small, weight about 50 g, the wall thickness up to 5 mm. Located bouquet, reaching from light green to red. This variety should be planted densely.

A good variety for pickling gold medal. Middle-high multi-leaf Bush. The fruits are long, up to 13 cm, with a delicious soft flesh, slightly sweet and without bitterness. Yield grades are very good, plenty of pepper from 60 to 90

Grade the Kid is growing on a small Bush, but it brings a good harvest. The fruits are smooth in the form of a cone with a rounded apex, up to 75 g, the Color becomes from yellow to red. The full gestation period to 125 days.

These are just a few varieties of peppers, which you can plant in Siberia. Many types of sit of seedlings in glass or plastic greenhouses.

But encouraged by the fact that there are more and more new varieties of hybrids give good yield have a great taste, with differing taste.

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