Varieties of peonies for growing in the country

Varieties of peony

Among the many perennial plants one of the favorite and most commonly grown peony.

Some gardeners call it the flower king is not surprising.

The beauty of the peony reveals during flowering, and if it is fragrant varieties of peony, the aroma of a plume floating across the garden.

But before heading for seedling peonies at the store, is to find varieties.


 Botanical peonies. In this category are all the types that exist in the plant world. This includes medicinal and ornamental varieties. Perhaps this category is the smallest.

Milky-flowered. Some time ago, these peonies were called «Chinese». This includes about 2/3 of all varieties from the existing. These plants have frost, and delicate sweet flavor.

Hybrids. Within this category, the flowers are milky-flowering varieties crossed with other varieties. Colors can be Burgundy, ruby, milky white and pale yellow.

Tree peonies


Called varieties, because the part which is above ground level, similar to a tree trunk. This variety is more sensitive to frost than the herbaceous group.

Intersectional peonies

It is a hybrid milk-flowered and tree peony. Advantages are hardiness, but color and colors similar to the tree variety.

The most popular varieties of peony

 Paeonia macrophylla. Can reach a height of about one meter. The leaves are three-dimensional. The size of a large head with milky white and yellowish.

Peony begins to bloom in the end of April or in may. Peony prefers a well-rublennuju the soil, but the place you need to choose in partial shade.

The Crimean peony. Plant height within 60 cm Curly, wedge-shaped leaves. Flower size small pink-red hue. Flowering of this variety begins in may. You need to plant a bright spot in a weak or partial shade. The land must loosen.

The fine-leaved peony. The height of the Bush from 35 to 45 cm Head diameter of about 8 cm, but the shade wine or red. The plant begins to bloom in may.

Milk peony-flowered. Altitude ranges from 20 to 150 cm, But the plant is very slow growing. Shapes of flowers may be different.

A great traveler. The Bush grows between 60 to 80 cm the Volume of the flower reaches up to 15 cm. the Color is nice and cherry red, while the shape is reminiscent of a rose. Blossoms in may.

Henry Boxes. High shrub, about 90 cm Flowers burning red. The leaves are wide. For stems you need to build support. Flower diameter of about 20 cm Blooms in late June early July.

The blue jade. The height of a Mature plant from 60 cm to 1 m is Very similar to the chrysanthemum. Flowers pink, double.

Varieties of peonies for growing in the country

Blossoms in June.

Graceful minx. The Bush grows to 60-80 cm Flower bright pink with the blue, diameter about 15 cm, Blooms in mid-summer, and abundantly.

Gugsa dream. High shrub, about 90 cm Flowering starts in July. The flower may have a purple-pink color, purple, dark red. The width of the flower is up to 16 cm.

All varieties of peony are difficult to enumerate because of their species quite a lot.

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