Varieties of peach – the name and description

Sortie peach

Peach acquired its name due to the fact that the first was imported from Persia.

But growing this fruit in the South-Eastern region of China.

Despite the fact that in this country, varieties of peach were diverse, it was a peach tree symbolized purity and longevity, and goodness.

Varieties of peach

 Velvety. This variety belongs to the early mind, the maturation occurs at the end of July. The fruit is rounded in shape, has a mass of 130 to 140 gr. painted predominantly in yellow, with a light blush that can cover the entire surface of the fruit.

There is a slight creaminess. The fruit is juicy, sweet, pulp are soft fibers. The tree is a medium-tall, yield up to 45 kg. the Low temperature is well tolerated.

Have gartvis. The variety is early maturing. The fruit has a weight to 180 gr., with a rounded shape. Color predominantly yellow, with a slight pink tinge. The fruit is covered with fibers.

Fruit juicy, flavorful. The taste is pleasant. The tree is tall, the yield is from 30 to 35 kg. Well withstand a cold winter.

Starting. Refers to the early mind. Yields of up to 30 lbs. begins to bear Fruit in the third year. The plant of medium height. Weight fruit to 140 gr. color yellowish with a pink tinge. This variety of peach, good taste.

Golden jubilee. The tree has a resistance to frost. Medium-tall, yielding up to 40 kg. the Fruit has considerable weight from 140-160 gr. round shape flattened on the sides. Lemon color, with a Carmine tint. The taste is pleasant, full-bodied.

Kremlin. The main harvest gets to the end of the summer. Fruits weigh from 150 to 200 gr. form rounded. Pubescence slight. The flesh is very juicy, sweet, aromatic. Tree is vigorous. From one tree it is possible to remove 30-40 kg

Zamostochie varieties

Due to the success of breeders, there were varieties that can be grown not only in warm regions. Some varieties of peach are able to withstand temperatures down to — 40°C.

For example, «winter-Hardy» variety, even if its root system is severely chilled in a few years the tree can recover. The fruit has a weight up to 200 gr. the yield is high, so you’ll have to arrange backup or garter branches.

Juicy. Early hardy variety. Taste pleasant, gentle. The fruit reaches a weight of 130 gr. the yield is so high that requires permanent removal of unripe fruit to prevent broken branches under the weight.

Tree is vigorous. Fruit weight 100 to 200 grams. colour predominantly cream with a slight blush.

Fluffy early. Easily tolerates temperatures down to -30°C. the Maturation occurs in mid-summer. The shape of the fruit

Varieties of peach – Fig peach


Shade of milky cream with a dark blush. A tree of medium height. Weight 80 to 100 g. velvety thick. The taste is sweet, pleasant, tender flesh, fragrant.

There are also unusual varieties of peach. This is represented by «Fig peach«, which is in the form of figs. The tree is hardy. Fruits weigh up to 100 grams. has a good taste.

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